The Montague Clinic

The Montague Clinic is a rapid-access private GP service delivering high quality care within Basinghall Clinic, the Cromwell Hospital’s outpatient centre in the City of London

The Montague Clinic

The Montague Clinic comprises of two well-established GPs with over 25 years of experience in both NHS and private clinical practice, Dr Om Banerjee and Dr Ricky Gondhia. 

Dr Om and Dr Ricky provide a range of private GP services to meet the health needs of their patient clientele and pride themselves on delivering efficient and compassionate care.  

Services from the Montague Clinic include:

Rapid access routine GP appointments to address any problem for which you would normally attend your NHS GP, including mental health and minor injury.

Appointments are £60 which includes:

  • Issuing prescriptions
  • Writing referral letters
  • Medical sickness certification (where appropriate)
  • Emailing a copy of your consultation notes 
  • Forwarding of your consultation to your NHS GP (with your consent) 
  • COVID19 PCR nose/throat swab only (£130)
  • COVID19 PCR nose/throat swab plus signed travel certificate (£170)
  • COVID19 Antibody blood test only (£72)
  • COVID19 PCR nose/throat swab and Antibody blood test (£202)
  • COVID19 PCR nose/throat swab and Antibody blood test plus signed travel certificate (£242)

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  • fast, secure, and discrete service to help patients with any sexual health concerns
  • Various screening packages are available. including early detection tests and tests if you are experiencing symptoms  
  • All sexual health tests are accompanied by a sexual health consultation, to ensure that patients are given personalised medical advice  
  • If any tests are found to be positive, then the cost of issuing prescriptions and any treatment advice is included in the screening package price  
  • All patients are welcome and patient information is not shared with anyone, including your NHS GP 

Montague Clinic patients have access to the latest imaging technology and equipment provided at Basinghall Clinic. This means referrals for X-rays, Ultrasounds and MRI scanning are straightforward and can take place on-site during the same appointment  

  • Blood samples can be taken on-site by both Dr Ricky and Dr Om, and by our on-site nurses during a routine GP consultation
  • Same day results are available for many tests

A variety of medical reports and certificates can be provided, dependent on their complexity and sometimes requiring access to your previous medical record

The Montague Clinic can offer a package of care, with a bespoke range of services tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Examples of services include:

  • Medicals for your employees and members
  • Fast-track appointment for staff, to minimise time away from the office
  • Referrals for private healthcare

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