Coronary angioplasty

Coronary angioplasty is a procedure to treat blocked or narrowed coronary arteries. 

The procedure is often performed via a small blood vessel in the arm (radial artery) or the femoral artery. A stent (short wire-mesh tube) is often inserted and remains in place permanently to allow blood to flow more freely through the artery.

Who is suitable for coronary angioplasty?

Your cardiologist may recommend coronary angioplasty if:

  • You have been diagnosed with angina
  • There is evidence of significant reduction in blood supply to your heart
  • You have a heart attack - it is often used as an emergency treatment

What does coronary angioplasty involve?

The procedure is now often performed via a small blood vessel in the arm (radial artery). A short tube is placed in the artery under local anaesthetic. Wires and longer tubes (called catheters) are then passed towards the heart. Contrast is then injected into the arteries of the heart.

Very thin wires are then passed through the coronary artery that is narrowed. Balloons and stents can be passed over this wire. Balloons are used to open the narrowing and a stent is often placed to keep the artery open. The stent is usually a metal alloy that is coated with a special drug that reduces its chance of re-narrowing.

At the end of the procedure all equipment is removed from the body; however if a stent has been implanted this will remain in the artery for life.

What is the recovery period?

After the procedure, you’ll normally be able to go home the same day or the day after.

If you've been admitted to hospital following a heart attack, you may need to stay in hospital for several days after the procedure before going home.

You'll need to avoid heavy lifting, strenuous activities and driving for at least a week.

Self-pay package

As well as working with all major insurance companies, we also welcome patients who wish to pay for themselves. We offer a range of self-pay package options, including:

  • Hospital Packages: these are flexible packages that group standard diagnostics and the procedure into one clear price. Consultant and anaesthetist fees are separate, and any other addition to your treatment is billed separately.
  • Fixed Price Packages: these are comprehensive, all-inclusive packages that group everything you may need for treatment into one clear price. All of our Fixed Price Packages include pre-admission tests, procedure, all professional fees, all post-op outpatient care and any other consultant-recommended services as part of you treatment.

Below is an outline of our Fixed Price Package.

Included in the package price:

  • Consultant Surgeon and Consultant Anaesthetist procedure fees.
  • Three follow-up consultations with consultant within post-op timeframe.
  • Pre-admission outpatient tests, which includes standard pathology and diagnostic tests (ECG & Chest X-ray), if required.
  • Recovery and accommodation which includes a stay in a private en-suite room.
  • Surgical and anaesthetic standby team.
  • Ward medications, dressings, and nursing consumables.
  • Procedure, including anaesthetic drugs, consumables, and prosthesis.
  • Pathology, histology, and diagnostics, if required.
  • Standard post–op medication issued and used during the inpatient stay.
  • Inpatient physiotherapy and surgical stockings, if required.
  • Discharge medication pertaining to the condition being treated by this package.
  • All patient meals and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Post-op ECG pertaining to the procedure within 12 months.
  • Return to theatres within 12 months of the procedure date due to complication.

Excluded from the package price:

  • Take out supplies.
  • Companion beds and catering for relatives / visitors.
  • Home monitoring device and cardiology follow ups, if required.
  • Personal expenses – telephone calls, additional catering, ambulances, etc…

If additional night’s stay, diagnostics, or other services are requested from your consultant you will not be charged in addition for these as these are included within the Fixed Price Package.

Consultants offering this package:

When enquiring about this package please quote K6581.

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