Covid-19 assessment prior to admission

Elective admissions

As you are aware, Covid-19 has changed the way hospitals throughout the UK are working. To keep patients, staff and visitors safe from exposure to the infection, Cromwell Hospital has introduced a number of UK Government guidelines to ensure the safe admission of patients into hospital.

This will begin at the start of your journey when you visit your consultant, who will advise that you need to come into hospital for a procedure. Your consultant will discuss with you, as part of your consent, the new admission process into the hospital. They will advise that:

  • You and members of your household will need to isolate for a period of time prior to your appointment. Our Reservations team will confirm the date you should start isolating when they contact you to arrange your admission date. They will also ask if you or any members of your household have any symptoms of Covid-19 or if you have been in contact with anyone who has been identified with the infection.

Why do I need to self-isolate or shield?

  • By self-isolating, you will significantly reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 prior to your hospital admission.
  • It is very important you do not have Covid-19 at the time of your operation or procedure.

Self-isolating, working from home and accessing food and medication

  • While you are self-isolating you must not go to work, school or use public areas. You should also avoid public transport or taxis.
  • Do not have visitors in your home including friends and family.
  • You should stay away from work but working from home is perfectly fine. Speak to your employer to find out what arrangement they can make to help you work from home during this isolation period.
  • Think and plan how you will get food and medicine. Can your friends or family help by dropping them off outside your home? Can you order food online?

If you have been vaccinated against Covid-19

You could potentially contract the virus, even if you have been vaccinated, however the likelihood of severe illness is reduced in most people. We do not currently know to what extent the vaccine stops Covid-19 from spreading. You should continue to follow the Government’s recommended guidance to protect your family, friends and community.

Pre-assessment follow up

Prior to admission, our Reservations team will enquire about your well-being and confirm that you have spent the appropriate time in isolation. If there are no concerns, an appointment will be made for you to come to the hospital to have a Covid-19 PCR swab taken. This will be within 48-72 hours prior to your admission.

Following the Covid-19 test you will be advised to go straight home and continue with strict isolation. You are advised to continue avoiding using public transport.

If your Covid-19 test is negative your admission will go ahead. We will contact you immediately if your Covid-19 test is positive.

When you arrive at the hospital you will have your temperature checked and you will be asked if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or if you have been in contact with anyone who has. If there are no concerns, we will proceed with your admission.

You are encouraged to wear a face mask until you arrive at the hospital. Please do not come to the hospital if you or any of your household have any symptoms on the day.

Symptoms of Covid-19

Any of the following symptoms even if they are mild:

  • Continuous cough
  • High temperature
  • A loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell

If you do have any of these symptoms or your Covid-19 screen comes back positive, then your operation or procedure will have to be cancelled.

For further advice please contact our Reservations team on +44(0)20 7460 5701 or email