Providing safe care for patients throughout coronavirus

As one of London’s leading independent hospitals, we are open and continuing to provide world-leading care for patients in a safe environment

We recognise that illnesses and ailments don’t stop because we are living during a global pandemic. In fact, we are continuing to treat patients across a range of specialties, offering the same services and high-quality care that we have always provided.

In response to the new environment, we have made important changes to how our hospital operates so we can deliver our services safely and efficiently.

These include adapting our hospital processes, implementing additional safety measures and adopting new technology, to ensure that all our patients feel confident and reassured when accessing medical care with us.

Virtual consultations

We’ve launched a virtual consultation platform whereby you can speak to your consultant, a private GP or another member of your healthcare team from home, over a secure video call. This option is ideal for patients who are anxious about attending a face-to-face hospital appointment or are unable to travel to the hospital.

Find out more about virtual consultations at Cromwell Hospital, and book an appointment >

Efficient diagnostics

For patients who do need to come in and see us in-person for diagnostics, they can be assured that any tests they require will be carried out in the fastest and most efficient manner.

For most of our services, any diagnostic tests can be carried out on the same day, reducing hospital visits.

Keeping our patients safe

Our goal at the Cromwell Hospital is to be a  Covid-safe hospital, as far as possible. We have a number of important safety measures in place to minimise any risk of Covid-19 transmission to a patient or member of staff whilst at the hospital, including:

  • We are screening all our patients before they enter the hospital.
  • Inpatients will have a swab taken to determine their Covid-19 status.
  • Outpatients will be assessed via a questionnaire, and in certain cases will also have a Covid-19 swab taken.
  • We also temperature check patients and guests on arrival via a thermal imaging camera, which can rapidly detect if a high temperature suggestive of Covid-19 is present.

We have an on-site Covid-19 testing hub where our staff are swabbed for Covid-19. Staff who test positive will not be allowed to return to work until they have received a negative swab result. 

We have intensified our cleanliness and infection control processes, with greater supplies and cleaning resource throughout the hospital, and frequent sanitising stations.

Our staff always have the appropriate PPE (surgical face masks, scrubs, goggles etc.suitable for their role and area they work in.

Social distancing guidelines for both patients and staff are in place, with clear signage  reminders throughout the hospital. We have supported this by creating additional space throughout the hospital, for example, creating more space between the chairs in our Reception area to protect our patients.

Messages from our experts

Our consultants across a range of specialties are continuing to care for their patients at this time.  

In these videos, some of our experts explain how they’re continuing to treat their patients in a safe way, as well as what the hospital is doing on a wider level to maximise safety for patients and staff.  

Caring for our patients during the Covid-19 crisis

Dr Brian O'Connor, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, talks through the recent extensive developments we’ve made to how the hospital operates to ensure we can continue to deliver our services safely and effectively.

Providing breast cancer care

Mr Giles Davies, Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, discusses key signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and explains how the hospital has adapted its breast care service to enhance patient safety during Covid-19.

Caring for musculoskeletal patients

Mr Simon Moyes, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, explains how he is continuing to care for his patients throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as sharing his advice to patients struggling with musculoskeletal related ailments at this time.

FAQs for patients

For more information about what to expect as a patient with us, please visit our FAQs page

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