Career advice from an experienced nurse

Sana Chaudhry, Breast Clinical Nurse Specialist at Cromwell Hospital, shares career advice to become a successful nurse. Every qualified nurse who starts off in the nursing career needs to gain real ‘hands on’ experience. I took a deep drive during the first year after qualifying as a nurse, going straight into Emergency Care Nursing on […]

Rocio Hayer’s Endometriosis Story

I was first diagnosed with endometriosis in 2019. When I was younger my mum used to say the pain was normal and that she experienced it, and her mother too, but I know now you don’t have to suffer with pain during your period. After being diagnosed I was confused because I didn’t understand the […]

Eight symptoms of breast cancer

Relaxed patient

Millions of women in London are at risk of breast cancer due to low awareness of the symptoms – compounded by difficulties accessing services quickly and in a coordinated way. Londoners are less likely than women around the country to identify signs such as a lump in the breast or armpit, breast pain or nipple […]

Interview with Georgia Henson – Cardiology and Respiratory Clinical Nurse Specialist

Georgia Henson, Cardiology and Respiratory Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), shares her experiences working as a CNS at Cromwell Hospital.  When did you start your role at Cromwell Hospital?   I joined Cromwell Hospital in 2016 after completing a two-year cardiology and cardiothoracic rotation in the NHS. After five years working on the ward at Cromwell […]

The psychological support throughout head and neck cancer treatment

Interviewing Sana Chaudhry, Clinical Nurse Specialist at Cromwell Hospital. How does the mental health of the patients impact the treatment?   Mental health is the ‘back bone’ for anyone enduring a cancer diagnosis. It is important that patients are supported holistically to get them through their treatment. It is evident through my practice that those patients […]


Woman tying shoelaces to play tennis

Longer days and warmer weather mean summer is a great time for taking up new sports or starting ones that may have been put to the side during the winter, colder months. Influenced by the tennis competitions during the summer months, one of the most popular sports taken up each summer is tennis. Last year, 50% more […]

Ten expert tips to keep your heart healthy

Heart disease is the single biggest cause of death in the world, according to the WHO. It is also one of the most preventable diseases. Whatever your age, taking steps to live healthily – moving more, eating well and taking care of your mind and body – can reduce your chances of heart attack and […]

Your nutritional needs through the ages

By Christina Merryfield, Dietitian Nutrition during pregnancy Eat a healthy, balanced and varied diet It is important to eat a healthy, balanced and varied diet during pregnancy as this influences our health and the health of our baby. There are also some vitamins and minerals that are especially important for the development of the baby. […]

Four top tips to help manage your diabetes

Healthy man drinking water

As part of Dietitians Week, we look at some tips on Nutrition and Diabetes management with Cecilia Jaarsma, Specialist Dietitian. Healthy eating for Diabetes is no different to a healthy eating diet for everyone else. It is making sure you are eating a balanced diet, by including the right amount of carbohydrates, fat, protein along […]

Six top tips to keep your liver healthy

  By Rebecca McBride, Specialist Dietitian The liver is a vital organ: if it were to stop functioning for one single day, we would be unable to survive. The liver is a vital organ: if it were to stop functioning for one single day, we would be unable to survive. Learn some fascinating facts about […]