Jago is seven years old and enjoys playing a variety of sports, especially football. He injured himself in October 2020 after landing on a football awkwardly while jumping on a trampoline. Jago experienced swelling on his knee and could not put any weight on his leg that night, or over the next couple of days.

Jago’s parents took him for an X-ray scan at a local hospital, where he was diagnosed with a buckle fracture to his thigh bone and sent for an MRI. Following the MRI scan, he was seen by a paediatric surgeon and, after a thorough examination of his knee, was diagnosed with a ruptured ACL.

The diagnosis meant that Jago would have to give up sports completely and he would not be able participate in his usual activities. His consultant advised that there wasn’t anything they could do from a surgical perspective until Jago was 14 years old and fully grown. As an incredibly active boy with a passion for sports, this was very upsetting news for both Jago and his parents.

Jago’s mum, Isabelle, discussed this with his grandmother, who researched independently and found Professor Adrian Wilson online. She saw that he had treated children around Jago’s age for ACL repair and reconstruction.

Jago had his first outpatient consultation with Professor Wilson on the 3rd of December at Cromwell Hospital. In the consultation, Professor Wilson discussed the options available. After seeing Jago's MRI scan, he explained because of how long it had been left untreated, an ACL reconstruction may be required.

Isabelle, Jago’s mum, said: “I had no worries about coming into hospital with Jago for the operation. We were both tested and asked to isolate prior to admission. There were clear and strict Covid-19 procedure in place to ensure patient safety.”

Jago went ahead with the operation on the 7th of December, which was a success. He has been having regular check-ups with Professor Wilson ever since, alongside regular physiotherapy sessions at his local hospital, and has been recovering well.

If the injury was left untreated, Jago could have developed several health issues, such as arthritis or damaged meniscus, later in his life. The operation has meant that he will soon be able to resume his usual sporting activities, just like any other boy his age.

Isabelle said: “Everyone was brilliant – Adrian and his staff were amazing; they changed the prospect of Jago’s young sporting life. It’s a year’s recovery and continued physiotherapy, whereas leaving the ACL untreated could have impacted on his quality of life long-term. We feel very fortunate that in these early stages he has responded so well to having the surgery.”

“Jago was really scared to have the operation, but the care by Professor Wilson and all the staff was brilliant. We felt in the best possible care.”

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