Heart care at Cromwell Hospital

Our cardiac service is one of the most comprehensive in private healthcare, offering world-leading cardiology services.

We are a leading centre for heart care in London. We provide rapid access to expert consultants and diagnostics under one roof, with same and next day appointments and no waiting lists.

Our self-pay packages and flexible payment options are also available for peace of mind.

Our cardiac service is one of the most comprehensive in private healthcare, treating and diagnosing heart rhythm problems, and all conditions related to the coronary arteries and heart valves.

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Related conditions

We specialise in every aspect of heart care, including:

  • coronary disease – diagnosis, treatment and prevention of coronary artery disease
  • heart valve problems – pioneering heart valve repair surgery including complex TAVI
  • heart rhythm problems – our consultants subspecialise in electrophysiology (EP) – the study of abnormal heart rhythms – and offer the latest treatments, including cryoablation
  • heart muscle problems – diagnosis and treatment of congenital conditions such as cardiomyopathy
  • cardiac diagnostics – a full range of tests including Doppler monitors and tilt table testing and full coronary angiography investigations.

Cardiology treatments

At Cromwell Hospital, our leading cardiologists offer advanced cardiac treatments, including:

Why choose us for cardiology?

At Cromwell Hospital, you can expect:

  • leading cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, in a range of sub-specialties.
  • self-pay packages and flexible payment options.
  • a dedicated cardiology pathway offering you expert care from diagnosis to treatment.
  • the latest diagnostic equipment and a dedicated angiography suite.
  • pioneering valve surgery such as TAVI
    consultant-led multidisciplinary teams.

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