Hospital compliance

In October 2014, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014. This requires private hospitals to publish certain information about their referring clinicians. We take compliance with the order seriously, and the required information is included below.

Cromwell Hospital has a number of consulting rooms within the hospital premises, which are available to any referring clinician with practicing privileges (PPs). We also provide access to secretarial services to those with PPs.

The charges for consulting rooms and secretarial services are listed below. Note that both are available by the half hour as well as the hour. See table 1 below.

Cromwell Hospital also offers to collect professional fees on behalf of referring clinicians. This service is available to all clinicians with PPs at the Hospital at an administration fee of 4% of each patient professional fee charged + VAT.

Table 1 – Charges for consulting Rooms and Secretarial Services.

RoomFrom 1 April 2023
Consulting rooms

£24.20 per hr + VAT

£11.10 per 1/2hr + VAT

Secretarial services

£19.25 per hr + VAT

£10.09 per 1/2 hr + VAT

Collection of professional fees on behalf of referring clinicians4% of each professional fee charged + VAT
  • We provide consultants with a range of services to ensure patient safety and clinical quality. These include access to a safe clinical environment, IT systems, Hospital policies & procedures (including Practice Privileges), mandatory training modules (eg safeguarding, competent staff), and a multidisciplinary team setup for all clinical areas. All equipment for consultants’ use is regularly maintained.
  • We also ensure the support of our Medical Advisory Board and Clinical Directors , and monitor the professional and clinical documentation to ensure this is in place via dedicated admin support. Scope of practice is also monitored and we offer a strong governance process with all incidents and complaints captured via the Datix system.
  • Consultants benefit from the support of our dedicated GP Liaison team (who promote consultants with the GP audience across London), and a Consultant Development Lead who monitors the support network for consultants, from ‘on-boarding’ to ongoing communication and aiding clinic development.
  • Tea, coffee, refreshments and stationery.
  • Limited parking on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Administrative services to process appointment booking and patient admissions.
  • General clinical services including room provision for Multidisciplinary Team meetings and MDT Co-ordinators.
  • Marketing support, including speaking opportunities at GP events, print and online articles, inclusion in the hospital’s Consultant Directory.
EventDateGuestsCost per person
Medical Advisory Board consultant Christmas dinnerDecember 20239£208.00
Medical Advisory Board Christmas hampersDecember 202313£260.00
Consultant Christmas giftDecember 202311£160.00

Private hospitals are required to disclose the details of any referring clinicians who have a financial interest in the hospital’s facilities, including equipment used there. 

We confirm that no consultants have a financial interest in Cromwell Hospital’s facilities or equipment.