Diagnostic services

Cromwell Hospital and Basinghall Clinic use the very latest technology to perform diagnostic scans and tests

A wide range of scans are available to cover any diagnostic requirements, from X-ray and Bone Density Scans to MRICT and PET/CT Scans as well as the most up-to-date heart imaging.

Leading edge machines - including ambient MRI scanners that reduce patient stress - are used to provide the best quality imaging and the most comfortable experience for patients.

Tests take place either at the hospital or at the new Clinical Investigation Centre on Pennant Mews, next to the main hospital building. We also have a wide range of diagnostic equipment at Basinghall Clinic, our outpatient diagnostic centre in the City of London, including MRI, X-ray, mammography, and ultrasound.

Results are usually provided within 24 hours. If the tests reveal a need for further scans or treatment, patients can be referred immediately on to one of the hospital's specialists.

Available diagnostics

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Please note - regrettably we are unable to answer specific medical questions or offer medical advice via email or telephone.