Gynaecology is the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the female reproductive system.

What is gynaecology?

Gynaecology is the branch of medicine that deals with the health of the female reproductive system. At Cromwell Hospital, our private gynaecologists in London are dedicated to providing exceptional care for women of all ages.

With years of experience and training at London's top teaching hospitals, our consultant gynaecologists are leaders in their field and are passionate about helping women maintain optimal health.

About our gynaecology service

At Cromwell Hospital

Our services include health screening programmes, infertility treatment, surgical treatment of incontinence and pelvic prolapse, family planning, endometriosis, and menopause management, overseen by our expert private gynaecologists.

We provide a comprehensive diagnostic service for all gynaecological conditions, using the latest technology and an on-site laboratory for fast, accurate test results. In most cases we can offer same day diagnostic tests, including ultrasound, ensuring prompt and precise care from our dedicated team of private gynaecologists in London. 

At Basinghall Clinic

We offer a select range of gynaecology services at Basinghall Clinic – an outpatient diagnostic centre in the City – which include initial consultations and some diagnostic procedures.

We provide prompt and efficient investigations for a range of different gynaecological symptoms and conditions, including: 

  • a cervical smear abnormality
  • abnormal bleeding, such as heavy or irregular periods, bleeding between periods, bleeding after sex, bleeding with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), or post-menopausal bleeding
  • a clinical abnormality of your cervix, vulva, or vagina
  • pelvic pain, including period and premenstrual pains
  • feeling constantly bloated or discomfort in your tummy area

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms or have received an abnormal smear result, you can self-refer to the clinic or be referred by your GP.

You don’t need private health insurance and we offer a range of flexible payment options. 

Depending on your symptoms and reason for referral, you may receive some of the following diagnostics at your appointment or shortly after:   

  • initial consultation and smear test
  • ultrasound scan, to assess your uterus and ovaries
  • colposcopy , to assess your cervix (the lower part of your womb)
  • endometrial biopsy, to collect a sample of the lining of the womb
  • cervical biopsy, to collect tissue from the cervix
  • vulval biopsy, to collect tissue from the vulval area

Your tests will be analysed at our on-site laboratory. You will then have a follow-up consultation with your gynaecologist to discuss your test results and any ongoing treatment options. 

Gynaecology diagnostics

We provide on-site diagnostic services at The London Centre for Gynaecology Care, which is located in a discreet, quiet environment within the hospital.

Diagnostic services include:

  • bladder studies
  • cervical screening
  • MRI scans
  • menopause blood profiling
  • consultant-led ultrasound service for testing for conditions such as menopause, HIV, sexually transmitted diseases
  • Well Woman service, providing annual gynaecological investigations, ultrasounds, and treatments

Please note, we do not provide ultrasound services to check foetal development during pregnancy.

Gynaecology treatments

Cancer treatments are managed by our multidisciplinary teams of oncology specialists, who work alongside our private gynaecologists in London, ensuring you get the right treatment and support for your condition. 

Our services include:

Our services include:

  • contraceptive solutions
  • genital wart treatment
  • sexual health screening including HPV or chlamydia
  • cervical smears

International Centre for Endometriosis

At Cromwell Hospital’s International Centre for Endometriosis, our aim is to provide patients with rapid access to a diagnosis, and a tailored and comprehensive treatment plan to set them on a path to recovery. 

Find out more about the International Centre for Endometriosis >

Adolescent endometriosis service

Endometriosis can have a significant adverse impact on someone’s life, especially in young adolescents. They are going through an important time in their lives at school and with their friends, but ongoing pelvic pains and period pains can lead to missing educational, social, and sports activity. This situation has shown to have long term implications in a child’s achievements in the future.

Cromwell Hospital is now offering a bespoke service for young women who have suspected endometriosis, offering personalised care, tailored to their needs.

The International Centre for Endometriosis at Cromwell Hospital is a leading institute providing high quality multidisciplinary care for these patients and is proud to extend its services to young adolescent patients suffering with this problem.

Mr Amer Raza, lead consultant for endometriosis, has established a pioneering multidisciplinary team including gynaecologist Miss Maya Al-Memar, colorectal surgeon Mr Valerio Celentano, and consultant gastroenterologist Dr Assad Butt alongside a nutritionist, psychotherapist, and physiotherapist team.

Gynaecological cancers

Our experienced gynaecologists work as part of multidisciplinary teams to treat cancer and complex cases. If you receive a diagnosis for a gynaecological cancer, you will be supported every step of the way by your consultant and members of your healthcare team. 

We have some of the best gynaecology cancer consultants and treatment facilities available. Depending on your diagnosis and needs, the following treatments may be recommended to you: 

To find out more about the treatment options for different gynaecological cancers, visit our dedicated webpages for cervical, ovarian and womb cancer. 

Here you will find further information about these cancer types, their symptoms and how they're diagnosed and the treatment options available at Cromwell Hospital. 

Why choose us for gynaecology?

Private gynaecologists in London

At our private gynaecology clinic in London, we pride ourselves on offering premium care from experienced and highly trained professionals. Our private gynaecologists have trained at some of London's most prestigious teaching hospitals, including King's College, St Thomas', and University College London Hospitals.

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We welcome both self-paying and insured patients.

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