Private urgent care in London

Our consultant-led Urgent Care Centre in west London provides adults with rapid access to treatment for injuries and illnesses. We are open 8am to 7pm, 365 days a year. 

We accept walk-in patients over the age of 18 years, no appointment or referral necessary, for injuries and illnesses.  

Please note that patients who have suffered severe life or limb-threatening injuries, have signs of a stroke, or have severe, central crushing chest pain should call 999 without delay. 

You can also call to arrange an appointment on the day or be referred by a GP or consultant. We welcome international patients.   

Please note: The Urgent Care Centre does not routinely accept the direct transfer of patients who are currently receiving hospital inpatient care. Should you wish to consider transferring your inpatient care to Cromwell Hospital, please contact our hospital reservations team (in hours) or clinical site manager (out of hours) to discuss your needs prior to attending the hospital.

About the Urgent Care Centre

We understand that medical emergencies can be extremely stressful. Our consultant-led urgent care centre in London provides you with rapid access to diagnostics and treatment for peace of mind and assurance.

We offer a range of medical services for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Our state-of-the-art private urgent care centre is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatment.

At our private urgent care centre, we prioritise patient comfort and convenience, offering flexible appointment times and minimal wait times. Our friendly and compassionate staff will guide you through every step of your visit, from check-in to follow-up care.

On average, when patients visited the Urgent Care Centre in April 2024:

  • They were triaged within 3 minutes of arrival at the UCC.
  • They were seen by Emergency Medicine Consultant within 13 minutes of arrival at the UCC.
  • They spent 1 hour and 2 minutes at the UCC in total.

Patient at the Urgent Care Centre

Benefits of our Urgent Care Centre

Your pathway through urgent care

Find out more about what to expect when you visit the Urgent Care Centre.

What to expect

  1. When you arrive at our private urgent care centre, you will be seen by an Emergency Medicine trained nurse, who will take details about your condition and carry out some basic tests. If your condition cannot be treated at Cromwell Hospital, you will be supported to attend the most appropriate NHS emergency department. 
  2. You will then receive a full assessment by an Emergency Medicine Consultant and receive the necessary diagnostics, such as an ultrasound, chest X-ray, or blood tests.
  3. After reviewing your condition and test results, your consultant will then discuss the next steps with you. This might include: 
    • Receiving treatment in the urgent care centre and being discharged home 
    • Being sent for more diagnostics, such as an MRI or X-ray 
    • Being referred to our Acute Admissions Unit for assessment/admission, investigations and treatment 
    • Discharged with an outpatient appointment with our hospital consultants or specialist GPs, or referral for follow-up treatment at Cromwell Hospital or your chosen location. 

The dedicated admin at our urgent care centre in London will support you throughout the whole journey, ensuring any onward tests or appointments are booked and performed on the same day. 

We can help with a wide range of illnesses and injuries, including:  

  • Chest infections   
  • Abdominal pain   
  • Some gynaecological conditions   
  • UTIs (urinary tract infection)   
  • Stomach aches   
  • Ear infection   
  • Kidney stones   
  • Back pain 
  • Fractures, sprains and strains   
  • Minor head injuries   
  • Burns, cuts and grazes   
  • Sore throats/tonsillitis. 

We can also provide repeat prescriptions. 

We can’t treat any of the following:  

  • Patients under the age of 18  
  • Heart attacks or strokes  
  • Major trauma  
  • Severe head injuries  
  • Pregnancy related conditions  
  • Mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression  
  • Poisoning or medication overdose. 

Why choose our private Urgent Care Centre?

  • Emergency Medicine specialists: The highly specialised consultants at our private urgent care centre are specifically trained in Emergency Medicine. They all have significant experience in working in emergency departments across the UK and are expertly trained to provide you with the best possible care.   
  • Referrals: Where necessary, you can benefit from onward referrals to specialists at our hospital, ensuring that you receive the appropriate follow-up care for your condition.  
  • COVID safe: We have full range of personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep you and your family safe when visiting our private urgent care centre in London. Our staff strictly follow local and national guidance to ensure that we minimize any risk of exposure to COVID to you. 
  • Range of services: We use state-of-the-art equipment, which allows our clinicians to undertake rapid assessment and diagnosis of your condition. We'll be able to receive immediate results from any blood tests you have and we can also assess your heart, lungs and abdomen using our highly sophisticated ultrasonography equipment. 

Urgent Care Centre

Paying for urgent care

When you arrive at the Urgent Care Centre, a member of the team will carry out an assessment to ensure that you're in the right place to treat your condition. 

If you're eligible for treatment at our UCC, you'll have an initial consultation with a consultant for a fixed fee of £165. Your consultant will decide what diagnostic tests they feel you need, if necessary. You will pay an additional fee per diagnostic test, in addition to a fixed fee for your initial consultation. You will be informed of these costs before any tests go ahead. 

If you receive a referral to the hospital for ongoing care, you may be able to use your private medical insurance. Cromwell Hospital accepts most medical insurers, as well as self-paying patients.

FAQs about urgent care

An urgent care centre provides prompt medical help for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries, which includes conditions such as broken bones, abdominal pain, minor head injuries, minor burns and infections.

The urgent care medical and nursing team will promptly assess and treat your condition.

If further ongoing treatment is required, we can offer you a referral to one of our specialists for a follow-up appointment.

Whereas our urgent care centre treats non-life-threatening illness and injuries, A&E is intended for people with serious injuries and life-threatening emergencies, such as heart attacks or strokes.

If you or someone you know has suffered severe life or limb-threatening injuries, has signs of a stroke, or has severe, crushing central chest pain, you should call 999 or attend your nearest NHS emergency department immediately.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept patients seeking urgent care for a mental health condition.

If you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis, you should call 999 or attend your nearest NHS emergency department immediately.

Yes, we accept walk-in patients over the age of 18.

If you prefer, you can also pre-book an appointment by calling us on 020 7244 4886.

Yes, we can prescribe oral antibiotics if your consultant feels that is the appropriate treatment for your condition. We have an on-site pharmacy where you can collect your prescription.

If intravenous antibiotics are required, this would require admission to hospital.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide medical advice over the phone.

To see one of our urgent care consultants, walk in or call us to pre-book an appointment on 020 7244 4886.

Upon arrival, most patients will be assessed within 15 minutes by an Urgent Care Centre nurse before seeing an Urgent Care consultant.

Getting here

Our address is:

164-178 Cromwell Road

Tel: 020 7244 4886

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For life-threatening conditions, you should always call 999 or go to your nearest NHS emergency department. The closest NHS emergency department to Cromwell Hospital is Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.