Health assessments

A health assessment is a series of tests used to review your overall health. It can help you better manage your health in the future.

About our health assessments

These tests provide a detailed picture of your current physical health and fitness, and help you build a clear picture of your current health.

We offer several different types of health assessments for men and women using the state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging technology.

Tailored testing

Both health assessments are designed for men and women who are over 18 years old and are in generally good health. Please let us know if you have any specific health concerns and a doctor will tailor a set of tests to suit your healthcare needs.

If you need to be referred to a consultant, this can be arranged after your health assessment.

You will see a doctor at the beginning and end of your health assessment. Your results will be shared with you up to seven days from the day of your appointment, together with a medical report.

Executive Health Assessment

This health assessment will provide you with a good overview of your general health.

A set of standard tests are paired with a breast examination and cervical smear for women and a testicular examination and prostate test for men.

This will provide you with information on how to manage your lifestyle going forward, based on the results of your tests and the expert opinion of your doctor and dietitian.

The Executive Health Assessment takes about two hours and 30 minutes. This assessment costs £870 for the male package and £920 for the female package.

The Executive Health Assessment includes:

  • height and weight measurements
  • body fat percentage
  • blood pressure management
  • urine analysis (MSU)
  • comprehensive blood analysis: phlebotomy, CP7 and glycosylated Hb (Hba1C)
  • spirometry breathing test
  • dietitian assessment
  • resting electrocardiogram (ECG), including cardiac risk assessment
  • doctor consultation and written medical report
  • nursing and administration

For men, the assessment also includes:

  • testicular examination and instruction on self-examination
  • prostate profile (over 45/if indicated)

For women, the assessment also includes:

  • breast examination
  • cervical smear

Premier Health Assessment

This health assessment will give you a thorough insight into your health and wellbeing.

More than 20 major health checks are carried out, including a comprehensive blood analysis, cardiac and lung function tests, as well as diagnostic imaging for men and women. This includes mammography for women over the age of 40.

The Premier Health Assessment includes an overnight stay in a private room. A meal is served at lunch time, half-way through your series of tests.

This assessment costs £7,445 for the male package and £8,870 for the female package.

Our comprehensive assessment includes all of the following tests.

General examinations, including:

  • general examinations
  • height and weight
  • body mass index (BMI)
  • blood pressure measurement
  • consultation with a dietician

Doctor consultation with full medical examination, including:

  • testicular examination and instruction on self-examination (male only)
  • HPV, cervical smear and pelvic examination (female only)
  • breast examination and instruction on self-examination (female only)

Comprehensive blood analysis, including:

  • tropical screen
  • HIV antibodies
  • cancer markers
  • urine test
  • faecal tests
  • PSA for prostate cancer (men only)
  • menopause blood profile, if appropriate (female only)
  • rubella status (female only)

X-ray and scans, including:

  • chest X-ray
  • carotid Doppler ultrasound
  • MRI scan of head
  • ultrasound of pelvis and abdomen (female only)
  • mammogram, if appropriate (female only)
  • bone densitometry, if appropriate (female only)
  • ultrasound of abdomen (male only)

Cardiac investigations, including:

  • resting electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • stress echo test

Respiratory investigations, including:

  • lung function test (spirometry)

Plus a follow-up consultation, with a written medical report and recommendations.

Paying for your health assessment

Our health assessments are usually self-pay only. Medical insurers may not pay for health assessments, so please check with your insurer before booking.

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