Multidisciplinary teams

Patients with complex cases are reviewed by a whole team of experts to ensure the best possible care.

About our multidisciplinary teams

At Cromwell Hospital and Basinghall Clinic, we have a number of multidisciplinary teams (MDT) who work together to manage the patient's condition from a medical and health and lifestyle perspective.

We host monthly and fortnightly multidisciplinary team meetings (MDMs) chaired by our expert consultants, who will work together to plan the best and most appropriate treatment for the patient. The team is often made up of consultant physicians, surgeons, oncologists, radiologists and other applied health professionals, including clinical nurse specialists, radiographers, physiotherapists and dietitians.

Our MDMs are run in line with the NHS guidelines and principles in which the patient's individual circumstances are taken into consideration.

Areas covered

Our MDMs cover the following areas with the below chairs.





Gynaecological cancer

Head and Neck

HPB and Pancreatic

Liver and Gastrointestinal

Lung and Interstitial Lung Disease

Musculoskeletal (MSK)


Paediatric Neuro-radiology



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