Call 4 Concern

Call 4 Concern (C4C) is a patient safety initiative inspired by Martha's Rule, which ensures that patient concerns – and those of their loved ones – are heard and acted upon without delay.

At Cromwell Hospital, we believe that patients - and their loved ones - are best placed to tell us when their condition is changing for the worse.

Call 4 Concern (C4C) is a confidential service that allows adult patients to gain rapid support from our Critical Care Outreach Team if they feel their condition is deteriorating.

We also welcome calls from family and friends who are worried about their loved one's condition.

Call 4 Concern has been implemented in response to the roll-out of Martha's Rule across the NHS. It aims to ensure that concerns are promptly addressed by empowering patients, relatives, and caregivers to request a review by a Critical Care Outreach Practitioner.

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When should I contact C4C?

If you feel your condition is deteriorating, you should first raise your concerns with the doctors and nurses on your ward. Because these clinicians are already familiar with you and your condition, they are best placed to provide support and advice in the first instance.

If you feel that your concerns have not been addressed appropriately, or you are confused by the advice provided, you should immediately reach out to C4C.

Once you have contacted C4C, our Critical Care Outreach team will work with you and your healthcare team to resolve your concerns.

Please note that any non-clinical concerns, such as issues with your room or food, are not appropriate for C4C and should be raised with the ward manager.

What happens after contacting C4C?

When you call C4C, you will be asked to provide your name, your ward or room location, and a brief summary of your concern.

A member of the Critical Care Outreach Team will then visit you on your ward to find out more about your situation in depth. From there, they will work with you and your healthcare team to find an appropriate solution.

If you require further treatment, the Critical Care Outreach Team will liaise with your medical team to discuss your treatment options.

Who are the Critical Care Outreach team?

The Critical Care Outreach Team includes a Critical Care Outreach Practitioner, a nurse who is member of the resuscitation team, and a deterioration prevention specialist. All our critical care staff are highly trained and best placed to support you with your concerns.

How do I contact C4C?

C4C is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To contact us, please call our dedicated phoneline on +44 (0)7842 322971 or email us at

We endeavour to answer the phone as soon as you call. However, in the unlikely event that we cannot answer your call immediately, please leave us a message with your name, your ward or room location, and a brief summary of your concern.