Lymphoedema is a swelling that occurs when the lymphatic system does not drain fluid properly.

It can affect any part of the body but is most often seen in the arms or legs.

Lymphoedema management requires specialist intervention and our dedicated therapy staff provide a personalised care plan for each patient.

The innovative approach we take ensures we remain at the forefront of current developments in the management of lymphoedema. Cromwell Hospital invests heavily in modern technology and staff development to support a cutting edge and modern approach to treatment.

Care for patients with lymphoedema

Our service supports and improves patient care and treatment for those recovering from:

  • breast surgery
  • the effects of cancer treatment
  • surgery such as cosmetic or orthopaedic procedures which may have affected the lymphatic system and caused swelling and bruising
  • sports injury resulting in swelling

Treatments available for lymphoedema

For the management of lymphoedema our range includes:

  • general education about the condition
  • advice on skincare
  • exercise
  • manual lymphatic drainage and simple lymphatic drainage compression – garment fitting and bandaging
  • manual therapy
  • connective tissue mobilisation
  • low-level laser therapy

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