Where to stay

Discover our selection of recommended hotels and serviced apartments, which are well-located to provide easy access to the hospital.

Our selection of recommended hotels and serviced apartments are excellently located for friends and family to stay nearby while you visit the hospital.

They are also ideal for patients travelling to the hospital, who require overnight accommodation in the area.

The Carlton Tower Jumeirah

The Carlton Tower Jumeirah

London’s best views since 1961. Gaze across fashionable Knightsbridge in luxurious surroundings and for the perfect backdrop to your stay.

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Cheval Collection

Award-winning luxury apartments in London. The freedom of your own home with the service of a top class hotel.

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The Capital Hotel

The Capital Hotel, Apartments and Townhouse

Situated in the heart of Knightsbridge, the Capital Hotel, Apartments and Townhouse prides itself on being epitome of authentic British hospitality.

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The Heeton Concept Hotel Kensington

The Heeton Concept Hotel strives to provide an intimiate and energised experience inspired by the royal neighbourhood of Kensington.

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If you have any questions about places to stay, please get in touch with our International Patient Centre.