Capsule endoscopy

Capsule endoscopy is a highly advanced, painless procedure used to investigate the health of your digestive system.

You swallow a small capsule containing a tiny wireless camera, which then moves through your digestive tract, sending images to a small computer worn on your waist. These images provide your consultant with a detailed picture of your digestive system and any problems.

Who is suitable for capsule endoscopy?

If you are experiencing rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, changes in bowel habits, chronic diarrhoea or other intestinal problems, your gastroenterologist may recommend a capsule endoscopy to: 

  • Investigate these symptoms and problems 
  • Screen for cancer 
  • Diagnose inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn's disease and celiac disease 
  • Check for any growths or polyps. 

Capsule endoscopy helps your consultant to see inside your small intestine, an area of the body that is hard to reach in traditional endoscopy procedures, which use a long, flexible tube fitted with a camera. 

What does capsule endoscopy involve? ​

You swallow a small capsule containing a camera and light. The capsule is the size of a large tablet, and leaves your body when you go to the toilet. After swallowing, you shouldn't be able to feel the capsule and can go about your day. You will be asked to avoid some activities, such as strenuous exercise. 

What can you do to prepare for capsule endoscopy?

Your consultant will discuss with you how you can prepare. You may be asked to avoid eating and drinking before the procedure, and in some cases, to take a laxative to clear your small intestine. This can help to improve the quality and detail of the pictures collected by the capsule's camera. 

What is the recovery period?

Capsule endoscopy is very safe. You should be able to go home soon after swallowing the capsule. It will normally leave your body in a bowel movement a day or two after swallowing. Very rarely capsules can become stuck in the digestive tract, and will need to be removed by your consultant.     

Self-pay package

As well as working with all major insurance companies, we also welcome patients who wish to pay for themselves.

Below is an outline of our self-pay hospital package which includes tests, hospital stay and procedure. Please note: it does not include consultant fees, which may vary.   

Hospital package from £1,835

Indicative consultant fees from £330 

When enquiring about this package, please quote G8080E.

  • recovery in the endoscopy suite
  • endoscopy procedure and relevant endoscopy chargeable consumables
  • pre-procedure bowel preparation, if required
  • histology testing (analysis of specimens if taken and if included in package description)
  • consultant consultation fee  
  • post-op and discharge medication 
  • neurophysiology, dietician, physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy 
  • non-standard diagnostic and histology tests 
  • any additional costs not specified in the package inclusions  

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