Holiday dialysis in London

We provide holiday dialysis at our private hospital in South Kensington, London.

About our holiday dialysis service

We offer holiday haemodialysis sessions for patients visiting the UK. We are ideally located in west London and easily accessible by all modes of transport.  

Our private clinic has eight haemodialysis stations, using the latest Gambro haemodialysis machines – the Artis Physio system and the AK 98 dialysis machines. We can provide complimentary refreshments upon request.   

For your peace of mind, our clinic is supported by a 24-hour on-call consultant, with intensive care available for acute emergencies. 

How to book

To book an appointment for holiday dialysis, please contact the dialysis team on +44 (0)20 7460 5966 or email

If you are an international patient, you can also contact the International Patient Centre. 

We are flexible and can accept patients within two weeks' notice. However, for best availability, we recommend contacting us at least one month in advance.

We accept payment via private medical insurance, embassy sponsorship, or self-pay. If you are using private medical insurance, please ensure your treatment is approved before booking with us.

Requirements for holiday dialysis

Before you can have holiday dialysis at our clinic, the following documents and tests are required: 

  • A short medical report from your consultant
  • A list of medications you take
  • Your haemodialysis prescription, patient profile, and signed consent forms 
  • Blood test results for HIV, MRSA, and hepatitis ABC.

Please note that all blood tests and swabs must be dated within one month of your first dialysis session at the hospital. Your HIV, MRSA and hepatitis ABC status will be re-checked upon admission.

Longer-term holiday dialysis

If you are staying in the UK for more than two weeks, or having six or more dialysis sessions, you are required to book an appointment with a renal specialist so that they can review your dialysis treatment plan, latest blood results, medications and overall health.

You will also need blood tests every two weeks to ensure your treatment is suitable and allow for any adjustments.

This is for patient safety, but also covers you in the unlikely event of a renal emergency while receiving dialysis at our clinic. This appointment will incur an additional fee. 

You may need additional medications during your stay, which will be decided by your consultant. These can be purchased at the hospital pharmacy and will incur an additional fee.

Our locations

Contact us

To book an appointment, please call or email the Dialysis Department.