What tests are used to diagnose bowel cancer?

When it comes to suspected bowel cancer, time is of the essence – which is why Cromwell Hospital endeavours to provide a swift, streamlined service through our bowel care diagnostic pathway. Upon entering the pathway, you can expect a thorough and comprehensive assessment of your condition by one of our world-class consultants, followed by a […]

Debunking cancer diet myths with Dawn Wilson, Oncology Specialist Dietician

Fruit and vegetables

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important when undergoing treatment for cancer. With a lot of false information readily available online, it is advisable for individuals with cancer to seek nutritional advice from a registered dietitian to ensure that it is safe and evidence-based.  We spoke to Dawn Wilson, Oncology Specialist Dietitian, to debunk common cancer […]

Common skiing injuries and how to prevent them

While the snow-covered slopes and luxury resorts attract thousands of people a year, skiing is a high-risk sport that requires a good standard of fitness to participate in. Knowing what the most common skiing injuries are and how to avoid them will help you feel confident and prepared for your next trip.   We spoke […]

Patient testimonial: Using the prostate pathway at Cromwell Hospital

A patient at Cromwell Hospital discusses his experience using the prostate cancer diagnostic pathway. Tell us about your symptoms and when you decided to see a doctor. Having been at a work event, I heard a colleague talk about having unexplained back pain which ended up taking him down the oncology route. On the same […]

Interview with Mr Ahmed Ahmed, Consultant GI and Bariatric Surgeon

Mr Ahmed Ahmed is a Consultant GI and Bariatric Surgeon at Cromwell Hospital, specialising in laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery.  Previous Next Can you explain a little about what you do as a Consultant GI and Bariatric Surgeon?  I specialise in surgical procedures involving the abdominal organs, but my sub-specialty is in the management of […]

A day in the life of Helder Pereira, Directorate Manager for Cardiac Services

Helder Pereira, Directorate Manager for Cardiac Services, shares how he works with his team to help grow and develop Cromwell Hospital’s cardiac services for the benefit of patients and staff. Previous Next Please tell us about your role as Directorate Manager for Cardiac Services. I lead the Cardiac and Angiography hybrid services, ensuring outstanding services […]

Interview with Cristiana Monteiro, Lead Clinical Cardiac Physiologist

Cristiana Monteiro, Lead Clinical Cardiac Physiologist – Complex Diagnostics at Cromwell Hospital, shares what a typical day at the hospital looks like for her, and what she enjoys most about her role. Previous Next What does a cardiac physiologist do at Cromwell Hospital? A cardiac physiologist is a highly skilled professional who has specialised in […]

Interview with Dr Emma Salisbury, Consultant Nephrologist

Dr Emma Salisbury is a consultant nephrologist at Cromwell Hospital, with a particular interest in renal transplantation. Previous Next Can you explain a little bit about what you do?  I am a consultant nephrologist or renal/kidney physician. Confusingly, kidney medicine is referred to as ‘nephrology’ or ‘renal medicine’. I diagnose and look after individuals living […]

A day in the life of Annabelle Claveria, Healthcare Assistant and Phlebotomist

Annabelle Claveria, Healthcare Assistant, Phlebotomist and Cromwell Ambassador, shares her experiences at Cromwell Hospital. Previous Next It is important for me to love what I do, and I love my job as a healthcare assistant. Every day, I look forward to seeing my colleagues and meeting new acquaintances, patients, and their relatives. I usually start […]