Cromwell Hospital has been praised by staff and patient assessors for non-clinical care, in new figures released by the NHS.

28 February 2020

The West London hospital achieved scores of 100% in five of the six assessed areas, higher than any other facility, with more than one thousand organisations assessed.

The Patient-Led Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE) results are an annual assessment of NHS and private healthcare settings, considering non-clinical areas such as cleanliness, food and support for patients with dementia or disabilities.

The results are based on feedback from both staff and members of the public, including patients, relatives, carers, friends and patient advocates.

Cromwell Hospital scored 100% for cleanliness; food and hydration; condition, appearance and maintenance; dementia and disability. It also scored 98.81% for patient privacy, dignity and wellbeing.

The score of 100% in the area of disability and dementia, reflect the significant focus the Hospital has put on providing an inclusive environment to support patients with specific needs.

An example of this is the hospital’s Dementia Box. Introduced in the neurosciences department last year, the box is filled with items like mirror covers, nightlights, dementia appropriate talking clocks – which tell users who they are, where they are and who their nurse is. While other hospitals have dementia specific wards, this is a portable solution meaning patients have dementia friendly care in any part of the hospital.

The hospital also received 100% within the food category, which considers areas including the choice of food, 24-hour availability, meal times and access to menus. It also includes an assessment of food at ward level including the taste, texture and appropriateness of the serving temperature.

The feedback from assessors was that Cromwell Hospital tailors meals to suit the different cultures and nationalities. The hospital’s head chef, Darren Passmore, was also recognised as ‘Unit Chef of the Year award’ at the FSM awards last year, for his commitment to focusing on nutrition as a key element in a patient’s care and recovery.

Philip Luce, Hospital Director, Cromwell Hospital, said; “I am incredibly proud of the PLACE results. The scores reflect the work we have been doing to ensure we have outstanding patient facilities and shows our commitment to continuing to improve and meet the diverse needs of our patients.

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone within the hospital who have made these results possible – whether you work in the kitchens, are a cleaner or one of our porters, the work you do is really important and I’m so glad it has been recognised.”

Intended as a guide to help facilities identify areas for improvement, the results provide a framework for assessing quality against common guidelines and standards.

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