In partnership with Fortius Clinic, Cromwell Hospital has recently performed our 1000th Mako operation. The Stryker Mako robotic-arm enables a more predictable surgical experience when performing hip and knee joint replacements. The Mako combines three key components: 3D CT-based planning, Accustop haptic technology, and data analytics for better outcomes.

At Cromwell Hospital, Fortius surgeons are able to perform surgery using the Stryker Mako robotic-arm assisted technology, the very latest in robotic innovation. The Mako robot enables surgeons to carry out highly advanced joint replacement surgery and facilitates higher level alignment and positioning during surgery.

“This highly advanced robotic technology has transformed the way joint replacement surgery is performed. It improves accuracy, and the patient has a shorter recovery time so can get back to normal activities faster,” said Fortius Consultant Knee Surgeon Mr Jonathon Lavelle

Cromwell Hospital Theatre Sister-Team Leader Ulla van der Westhuizen said: “I am so proud of our team at Cromwell Hospital for this incredible achievement of doing our 1000th Mako robotic joint replacement. The whole team, including anaesthetic, recovery, healthcare assistants, porters, scrub team, and our admin teams have come together with pre-admission, nursing, physio and radiology to make this possible for the benefit of our patients.”

“It’s been a great milestone reaching our 1000th Mako knee and hip replacement. This technology has been fully embraced by the surgical team at Cromwell, to the huge benefit of our patients. We now have shorter lengths of stay, much less post-operative pain, and far quicker recovery for the patients. It’s game changing technology and I’m delighted to have been part of the journey with the team at Cromwell.” Said Mr David Houlihan-Burne, Fortius Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. Mr Houlihan-Burne performed the 1000th operation on the Mako.