Datar Cancer Genetics is a leader in developing blood-based diagnostics that can detect cancer early, offer non-invasive investigations for better treatment options, and track the progression of the disease or its recurrence. Datar Cancer Genetics and Cromwell Hospital have partnered to provide a second opinion service for patients. 

Previously, it has always been difficult to diagnose cancers of the pancreas, gallbladder, and bile duct as they are not easily identifiable or detected because of their non-specific symptoms. 

Dr Andrew Gaya, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Cromwell Hospital, has been working closely with international oncology consultants and Datar Cancer Genetics to research noninvasive, accurate early pancreatic cancer detection. The tests would provide a timely diagnosis of pancreatic cancers in suspected patients, especially where other diagnosis would have been inconclusive or not possible.  

This new cancer detection method could be life-changing for many and improve patients’ survival outcomes with an earlier diagnosis, filling a hole in the market for a noninvasive detection test. The liquid biopsy detects pancreaticobiliary cancers (PBC) -associated circulating tumour cells (CTCs) and their clusters from peripheral blood samples.  

The tests have proven to provide a relatively low risk of false positive findings and would be a ground-breaking find in diagnosing pancreatic cancers. 

1 Authors: A.Gaya, N.Rohatgi, S.Limaye, A.Shreenivas, R.Ajami, D.Akolkar, V.Datta, A.Srinivasan, D.Patil