Mr Tim Crook, Consultant Medical Oncologist at Cromwell Hospital, has partnered with Datar Cancer Genetics and international oncology experts to research an accurate early detection test for early-stage breast cancer.  

The test works by detecting breast cancer circulating tumour cells (CTCs) with high accuracy across all age groups, hormone receptor subtypes, histological subtypes, and disease grade. The article outlines how clinical adoption of the test can be beneficial in cancer screening and in the detection of suspected breast cancer.  

‘Accurate Screening for Early-Stage Breast Cancer by Detection and Profiling of Circulating Tumour Cells’1 was selected as the winner of the Cancers MDPI 2022 Best Paper Award. 

Cancer MDPI is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal oncology. All papers published from 1 January to 31 December 2022 in Cancers were considered for the award. After a thorough evaluation of the originality and significance of the papers, citations, and downloads, four winners were selected. 

Datar Cancer Genetics is a leader in developing blood-based diagnostics that can detect cancer early, offer non-invasive investigations for better treatment options, and track the progression of the disease or its recurrence. Datar Cancer Genetics and Cromwell Hospital have partnered to provide a second opinion service for Datar Cancer Genetics patients. 

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