Mr Neil Barber, Consultant Urological Surgeon at Cromwell Hospital, has launched a new treatment for patients with symptomatic enlarged prostate 

An enlarged prostate is where the prostate (a small gland near a man’s bladder) increases in size. It usually affects men over the age of 50.  

Aquablation therapy is a minimally invasive treatment option with long-lasting results and a very low rate of complications. It uses a robotically controlled, heat-free waterjet to remove the obstructing prostate tissue, which improves urinary function. 

The treatment is performed under general anaesthesia, with the whole procedure usually taking under an hour to complete. 

Mr Neil Barber said of the service: “I am delighted to be able to offer patients suffering from enlarged prostate the option of Aquablation therapy at Cromwell Hospital. This new innovative treatment is ground-breaking in treating enlarged prostate, offering patients a minimally invasive, heat-free, long-lasting treatment option with minimal complications.” 

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