Cromwell Hospital has launched a new leadless pacemaker programme for patients with bradycardia, led by consultant cardiologist Professor Tom Wong. 

Bradycardia is a heart rhythm disorder where the heart beats too slowly, which may cause those affected to feel tired, dizzy, and short of breath. 

Micra™ is the world’s smallest pacemaker, designed to treat bradycardia. Unlike traditional pacemakers, it leaves no bump under the skin, no chest scar, and requires no lead.  

Micra™ is implanted through a catheter, which is placed in a vein in the upper thigh. Once placed, the pacemaker is completely self-contained within the heart and provides the therapy needed without a visible or physical reminder of a medical device. 

Patients who have Micra™ implanted may benefit from fewer post-implant activity restrictions and medical complications than those with traditional pacemakers. Micra™ can last for up to 18 years, depending on your heart condition and how often your device is delivering therapy. 

Patients at Cromwell Hospital will have their Micra™ device placed in a 45-60 minute procedure and can go home same day.