Post Covid-19 care at Cromwell Hospital 

Expert care and treatment to support you in your journey back to optimum health following a Covid-19 diagnosis.  


At Cromwell Hospital, we understand that the recovery from Covid-19 can be a long and challenging process, and receiving extra support from experts can make all the difference 

We now offer bespoke inpatient and outpatient post Covid-19 recovery and treatment options, to support patients on their path to recovery.  

Long Covid Clinic

The Long Covid Clinic at Cromwell Hospital is a comprehensive, consultant-led clinic designed to treat the varied symptoms of Long Covid, enabling you to get back to your normal physical and emotional health. 

The outpatient clinic is led by a team of consultants who have extensive clinical expertise and are world-leaders in treating respiratory conditions.  

After an initial consultation, a personalised set of tests will be devised and from this a tailored treatment plan will be created. If required, it will incorporate onward referrals to other key specialists, including cardiologists, neurologists, specialist respiratory physiotherapists, as well as sleep experts and psychiatrists. 

Find out more about the Long Covid Clinic.  

Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation Programme  

The Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation Programme is designed specifically for patients experiencing ongoingsevere symptoms of Long Covid and may have already been treated in hospital for Covid-19. In these instances, an inpatient stay in hospital may be recommended to support the patient in making a full recovery 

The rehabilitation programme is completely bespoke, with each programme tailored to the individual patients’ symptoms and concerns. 

Following an initial clinical assessmentpersonalised treatment plan is designed. This will be completely unique to the patient and with a recommended duration – usually a 7–14 night stay in hospital.  

The proposed programme will be led by our Therapy team, with guidance and direction from the Consultant Physician.  

It may include a combination of the below depending on the patients individual needs:  

  • Consultations with consultant physicians, including psychiatrists, respiratory specialists, cardiologists and pain specialists  
  • Daily occupational therapy 
  • Daily physiotherapy in our rehabilitation gym  
  • Dietetic sessions with our Specialist Dietitian 
  • Daily speech and language therapy  
  • Tests including blood tests, lung function, echocardiogram, ECG and chest X-ray                                                                                                                                 

 Find out more about the Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation Programme  

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