Gamma Knife surgery

Gamma Knife is used for treating both benign and malignant conditions affecting the brain, head and neck. It allows for shorter hospital stays and has an excellent record of successful treatment.

In 1998 Cromwell Hospital opened the first Gamma Knife Centre in London, and since then we have successfully treated over 3,000 patients. We currently use the Leksell PerfexionTM

What is Gamma Knife surgery? 

Gamma Knife radio surgery concentrates radiation within the area of the brain, head or neck to be treated without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue. The entire procedure normally takes three to six hours, depending on the condition being treated, and patients are usually admitted to hospital on the day of treatment, and stay overnight for observation.

To ensure precision during radiosurgery the area to be treated is mapped using the latest diagnostic and neuro-imaging techniques. Everything is housed under one roof, meaning patients can be scanned, mapped and treated in a single location.

Using the imaging information, the medical team delivers the optimal dose of radiation to the exact shape of the tumour. The radiation is delivered through focused beams accurate to within 0.5mm, or the equivalent of a strand of human hair.

What are the benefits of Gamma Knife surgery at Cromwell Hospital?

The treatment is:

  • non-invasive
  • no incision; no need for head shaving; no scars to heal
  • no hair loss or nausea
  • relatively painless and in most cases a general anaesthetic is not needed
  • relatively quick with patients making a fast recovery, often resuming their normal activities in a day or two.

Coming soon: Gamma Knife Icon

As part of our partnership with GenesisCare, we'll be updating our Gamma Knife technology with the latest version. The Gamma Knife Icon allows doctors to provide individualised delivery, without sacrificing precision and accuracy.

NHS recognition 

Since July 2003, the London Specialised Commissioning Group has recommended the Cromwell Hospital Gamma Knife Centre to provide radiosurgery for NHS patients. Please note NHS patients wishing to have Gamma Knife surgery must be referred by their NHS consultant to one of our Gamma Knife specialists.

Conditions treated with Gamma Knife

The following six conditions are the most commonly treated by Gamma Knife surgery and include both benign and malignant conditions: 

  • Acoustic neuroma
  • Arteriovenous malformation 
  • Brain metastases 
  • Meningioma 
  • Pituitary tumours 
  • Trigeminal neuralgia 

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