GenesisCare is a global healthcare organisation and the UK’s leading independent provider of advanced and innovative oncology services.

About GenesisCare

GenesisCare has over 440 centres across the world, including 14 within the UK. They work with leading cancer experts and healthcare teams to give patients the best possible life outcomes and believe care should be focused on you, the individual, not the condition.

They are changing the way people experience cancer treatment and care, understanding what it takes to achieve the best possible life outcomes, and going a little further to prove it.

Here in London, GenesisCare offer some of the UKs most advanced radiotherapy, working closely with leading health professionals and investing early in cutting-edge treatments that are proven to be safe and effective. The centre is designed around three of the most advanced machines in the world, each capable of treating a different type of cancer.

The Gamma Knife Icon is used for brain and upper spinal tumours.

The system has treated over 1.2 million patients worldwide and is one of the most advanced systems for stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), delivered with sub-millimetre accuracy for both frame-based and frameless treatments.

The Varian Edge is used for a wide range of cancers, including breast, prostate, brain, and spinal.

It is a highly versatile, state­ of-the-art radiotherapy machine, designed to deliver stereotactic brain and spinal surgery, stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR), and volumetric modulated arc therapy.

The MRIdian MR Linac is for a variety of cancers, including prostate, lung, liver, and pancreatic cancer.

It allows clinicians to ‘see as they treat’, using live images of the tumour and surrounding tissue to continually adjust the radiation beam for movements and more precise treatment targeting.

GenesisCare are dedicated to delivering innovative cancer care treatments to patients and are proud to be the first oncology provider in London to provide patients access to advanced treatments on the MRIdian MR Linac outside of research purposes.

Why choose GenesisCare?

GenesisCare believe cancer care should be focused on you, not just your condition. It matters to them that their patients can take away some positive experience from their cancer journey.

As a patient you can expect to receive the very best personalised care and treatment plan, tailored around you, from GenesisCare’s dedicated and highly experienced team.

GenesisCare specialise in complex and difficult-to-treat tumours. The centre at the Cromwell houses three of the most cutting-edge radiotherapy technologies in the world – MRIdian® MR Linac, Gamma Knife® Icon, and Varian Edge®. These technologies improve outcomes by enhancing the precision of treatment – limiting side effects and shortening treatment times.

Having these machines under one roof makes the centre Europe’s most advanced radiotherapy facility.

GenesisCare offer therapies that are proven to benefit people with cancer.

Patients can access a fully equipped gym with oncology exercise specialists who prescribe exercise programmes tailored to you and your needs, helping the body heal itself and improving treatment tolerance.

In addition, through their charity partner Penny Brohn UK, patients can also benefit from a ground-breaking approach to supporting emotional and physical wellbeing through complimentary therapies.

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