Intensive care unit

Seriously ill patients or those requiring specialised monitoring and treatment are cared for in our specially designed seven-bed, multi-purpose intensive care unit.

The adult Intensive Care Unit is led by a team dedicated consultant intensivists. Registered medical officers work in the unit 24 hours a day and are specialised in either anaesthesia or intensive care medicine.

A skilled and experienced nursing team led by a intensive care lead nurse, ensures patients get the very best care. One-to-one nursing is given to all critically ill patients.

Our physiotherapists visit the unit frequently. They help patients with breathing exercises to reduce the risk of getting a chest infection. The physiotherapists also start the exercise rehabilitation process.

The pharmacist supplies the necessary medication and is involved in monitoring its effects.

A dietician coordinates with the nursing staff on special nutritional requirements.

Speech and language therapists work closely with patients who have speech, language or communication difficulties.

Planned and unplanned admissions

Most admissions to the intensive care unit are planned, usually as part of a major surgery programme. There are other occasions when patients may need to be treated if their condition changes, and they need closer monitoring.  A patient will usually be transferred back to their room when they are able to breathe on their own, and require less intensive monitoring.


We understand that you may wish to bring a gift when you visit your relative or friend. However, please bear in mind that most patients in the unit are not able to eat or drink normally. Please do not bring flowers or plants until the patient leaves intensive care.

Items you might like to bring could include photographs and cards from the family, music or voice recordings or personal toiletries.

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