Nutrition and dietetics

Dietetics is the science of diet and nutrition in both health and disease


Dietitians are qualified and regulated health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems to meet your individual needs.

Our dietitians offer a comprehensive nutrition and dietetic service.

As well as nutritional assessments, our HCPC registered dietitians provide support and advice across a range of specialties, including liver, cancer, cardiac and paediatrics.

At each assessment, your dietitian will spend time discussing your goals, and agree a dietetic treatment plan to help you achieve them.

We attract patients from many different cultures and backgrounds. Our dietitians will work with you to create personalised treatment plans that take into account your individual dietary needs, lifestyle and food preferences.

Our dietitians also oversee all of our in-house catering at Cromwell Hospital, so our food is not only tasty, but good for you too.

We create menus for a range of different cultures, and religions from Kosher to Halal, including periods of fasting and festivals.

And if you're on a special diet, such as low GI, gluten-free or vegan, we'll be happy to accommodate that too. If you have any special nutritional needs our dietitians will be happy to help you find suitable options from the menu.

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Our dietitians have expertise in:

  • obesity
  • cancer care
  • food allergies
  • lung conditions
  • neurological conditions
  • diabetes
  • heart disease and cholesterol
  • malnutrition
  • weight gain and weight loss
  • irritable bowel syndrome, including FODMAPS
  • vitamin deficiencies
  • paediatric nutrition
  • gastroenterology
  • liver disease
  • kidney disease

Children's nutrition

Our dietitians are here to provide support for you and your family. We can help with the dietary needs of children and young people from birth onwards.

Our paediatric dietetic service includes:

  • anthropometric analysis
  • nutrition and hydration
  • growth and development
  • fussy eating
  • weaning
  • reflux
  • allergies
  • cow's milk protein allergy
  • diabetes
  • obesity and weight management
  • inborn errors of metabolism
  • gastro conditions – e.g. Coeliac disease, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • nutrition support, including oral and enteral nutrition support

Related conditions

Our dietitians work with specialists across the hospital including liver, cancer, cardiac and paediatrics.

Nutritional assessment and dietetic advice is also provided for most conditions including:

  • obesity (weight loss)
  • diabetes
  • high blood lipids (cholesterol)
  • underweight / nutrition support
  • gastro-intestinal disorders (e.g. IBS)
  • cardiac care
  • coeliac disease
  • Crohn's disease
  • ulcerative colitis

Why choose us?

At Cromwell Hospital, we offer:

  • care from experienced, HCPC registered dietitians
  • thorough health assessments, support and advice
  • goal-specific treatment plans based on the latest research
  • support for a range of conditions, taking into account religions and cultural backgrounds
  • dietitians available to support you throughout your treatment

"I would like to thank everyone at Cromwell Hospital for the fantastic way you looked after me. I could not fault anyone during the time I spent with you - from the point I arrived in reception, to the catering team and every member of staff throughout the changes of shift during my stay."

Anonymous, Cromwell Hospital patient

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