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At Cromwell Hospital, our sleep service offers a wide range of tests including limited home sleep studies and the gold standard test for sleep investigations: polysomnography (PSG).

About our sleep services

Our sleep service offers high quality, extensive sleep investigations. The service is led by our expert physiologists who are supported by a consultant of sleep medicine, ensuring accurate, efficient, and excellent care if offered for all patients.

We offer a wide variety of sleep investigations and provide a selection of treatments for conditions such as obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and snoring.

Why choose our sleep clinic?

Our service aims to provide expert, polite, and thorough care. We work with a multidisciplinary team to support patients throughout their sleep journey.

We aim to offer appointment slots within seven days of referral, and to provide a final report to the referring clinician within seven days of testing. All inpatient studies will be carried out at Cromwell Hospital, with patients offered a wide range of food, in a well-equipped, private suite.

Our sleep services

For all inpatient sleep investigations, we provide dinner and breakfast. Our sleep room is fitted with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a television. A private ensuite with wash facilities is also available in the room.

Inpatient and home testing available.

Often referred to as the gold standard measurement of sleep, this test is used to investigate a broad range of sleep disorders and complaints including limb movement disorder, insomnia, parasomnias, and other uncommon sleep conditions.

The test allows physiologists to measure brain wave activity, muscle tone, limb, and eye movements, as well as the respiratory channels measured in the ambulatory overnight oximetry. This study involves a video recording.

At Cromwell Hospital, we offer this test as either an inpatient for a single night admission to our sleep room, or in the comfort of your own home (limited by your proximity to the hospital).

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Inpatient and home testing available.

Used to diagnose central hypersomnias including narcolepsy, this test involves a single night and day admission to our sleep room.

The study involves a polysomnography followed by four to five scheduled naps performed throughout the day. The aim of the study is to get an objective measurement of sleepiness.

The polysomnography is performed to rule out any possible causes of sleepiness and to ensure a reasonable sleep time has been achieved.

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Inpatient and home testing available.

This study involves measuring transcutaneous CO2 in conjunction with the channels involved in ambulatory overnight oximetry.

This study is suggested in patients with underlying respiratory illness and/or those using non-invasive ventilation. It is also suggested in patients who are at risk of obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS).

Used as a tool to diagnose sleep apnoea and typically administered at home.

This portable sleep study is collected from Cromwell Hospital and brought home with clear instructions for use. It monitors the respiratory and cardiac functions during sleep.

It is often used when patients complain of snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness, or witnessed pauses in breathing (apnoeas). 

Used to investigate complaints of excessive sleep time, irregular sleep patterns, and excessive daytime sleepiness, actigraphy is a simple test that measures the 24 hour activity of an individual typically for 14 days.

It involves wearing a special watch, called an Actiwatch, which monitors light and activity to assess the 24 hour sleep-wake cycle.

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Book a sleep study with us

To perform any sleep investigations, we require a referral stating the reason for the test and some clinical history.

For ambulatory overnight oximetry studies, we can accept GP referrals. All other tests require a consultant referral which can be sent to For all enquiries regarding our service, email is advised.

To contact the sleep clinic via telephone, please call +44 (0)20 7460 5561 between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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We welcome both self-paying and insured patients.

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