Weight Management Programme

Our structured Weight Management Programme is designed to help patients to achieve safe, sustainable weight loss, under the guidance of our Specialist Dietitians.


Maintaining a healthy body weight through a balanced diet and regular exercise are key ingredients for physical and mental wellbeing.

For many there can be barriers in the way of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, often compounded by our busy modern lifestyles.

At Cromwell Hospital, our Specialist Dietitians are here to support you in addressing and overcoming the barriers to achieving your target weight, enabling you to take control of your diet and lifestyle through our evidence-based Weight Management Programme.

What can I expect from the Weight Management Programme?

The 12-month programme supports patients to lose weight in a safe, sustainable way under the expert guidance of your dedicated Specialist Dietitian.

Your Specialist Dietitian will support you throughout your weight loss journey through a combination of one-to-one sessions (either face-to-face or virtual), as well as in between sessions through email and phone calls where needed.

In your session, you will cover a range of topics with your Specialist Dietitian, so you can develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to make healthy choices and sustain your weight loss for the rest of your life.

Topics within the programme

The topics which will be covered in your sessions, depending on your individual needs, include:

What other support will I receive during the programme?

When you sign-up for the programme, you will receive a pack of resources to complement your sessions with your Specialist Dietitian and help you to embed your learnings:

Your pack of resources will include:

  • Comprehensive programme booklet, with the information you will cover in your Specialist Dietitian sessions – and more. The booklet includes sections where you can track your progress and write down your goals, as well as recipes and meal plans
  • Food diary, for you to track your food consumption on a daily basis
  • Tape measure for measuring your waist circumference
  • Shaker bottle, if you are choosing to kickstart your programme with the Very Low Calorie Diet shake plan

Who is suitable for the Weight Management Programme?

This programme is suitable for anyone over the age of 18 with a BMI of ≥25kg/m2, who is looking to change their lifestyle and lose weight in a safe, sustainable way.

The programme can also be used alongside other weight loss interventions, for example surgical interventions or weight loss medication.

What other weight management support options are available?

We understand that a 12-month programme might not be the right option for everyone.

For patients for whom the 12-month programme does not fit in with their individual lifestyle, there is a pay-as-you go weight management service.

As part of this service, you will have an initial consultation with your Specialist Dietitian to discuss the principles of weight loss, your goals and how these can be achieved. Your Specialist Dietitian will give you some useful resources that you can take away and use as tools to help you implement your new healthy diet and lifestyle habits.

You can then pay on an adhoc basis to have one-to-one consultations with your Specialist Dietitian to discuss challenges and to get additional expert advice.

Programme costs

Why choose us?

Our Weight Management Programme and service offers:

  • Expert guidance from our world class Specialist Dietitians throughout your weight loss journey
  • Evidence-based weight loss advice, tailored to you and your specific needs
  • High quality resources to keep your weight loss on track
  • The tools and advice for you to take control of your diet and lifestyle habits for good, with results that last long after the programme has ended.

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