As one of the UK’s leading private hospitals, we strive to provide the latest state-of-the-art medical technology for our patients, which is why we are working with Innersight Labs to harness the benefits of 3D modelling for pre-operative planning.

3D modelling allows our surgeons to visualise complex patient anatomy with greater precision. As a result, patients may experience improved surgical outcomes with faster recovery times and a reduced risk of post-operative complications.

The innovative technology transforms 2D diagnostic scans (such as CT scans) into interactive, virtual models that can be used to assist pre-operative planning before surgery. They are particularly useful for tumour removal surgeries.

These models can be viewed on any device, from smartphones to tablets, and help our surgeons better evaluate tumour depths and margins. Patients can also interact with their own 3D models, allowing them to feel more empowered and involved in their treatment.

The 3D models are specific to each patient’s anatomy for pre-operative planning and procedure guidance. Using the models as part of pre-operative planning can also provide benefits for the surgical team, such as improved decision making, increased planning confidence, and improved communication between the clinical team.

Mr Chris Anderson, Consultant Urological Surgeon, was the first surgeon in Cromwell to use the 3D modelling for pre-surgical planning. “The use of 3D modelling supports positive patient outcomes in surgery. I recently used a 3D model for the first time at Cromwell Hospital, and it provided additional context to support surgical planning for the operation. I am pleased to see this new technology being embraced by Cromwell Hospital.” 

At Cromwell Hospital, our 3D modelling services are provided by Innersight Labs, who create virtual, interactive 3D models of patient organs that allow our surgeons to visualise complex anatomy. Innersight has proven track record of providing over 1500 3D models to patients across the NHS and private sector since 2019.

“Innersight Labs’ leading 3D modelling technology is transforming pre-operative planning for surgeons and patients alike across the NHS and the private sector, providing unparalleled accuracy and precision. By harnessing the power of this innovative technology, patients at Cromwell Hospital may experience improved surgical outcomes, faster recovery times, and reduced risk of post-operative complications. We are proud to be working with Cromwell Hospital in their mission to provide the latest in medical technology for their patients, and to support Mr Chris Anderson and his team in providing patient the care that is second to none.” James Jenkins, Operations Manager, Innersight Labs.