Mr Amer Raza, Consultant Gynaecologist at Cromwell Hospital, has treated 150 gynaecological patients using the da Vinci Xi robot.

In 2021 Cromwell Hospital installed the latest da Vinci Xi robotic-assisted surgical system to treat patients through minimally invasive surgery, improve patients’ recovery, and enhance its surgical strategy.

The da Vinci Xi surgical system helps surgeons to perform complex keyhole operations. It provides surgeons with superior visualisation, enhanced vision, and greater precision and control and flexibility when operating.

There are huge benefits to patients who have robotic assisted surgery such as, less pain, faster recovery time, less chance of scarring and tissue loss, and less blood loss.

The surgeon using the da Vinci robotic system sits at a console in the operating theatre, viewing live 3D images of the patient’s inner organs.

Using hand and foot controls, the surgeon can manipulate the camera system and miniature instruments inside the patient’s body, allowing extremely precise and delicate surgery to be performed through tiny incisions.

Mr Amer Raza said: “The accuracy and precision of the da Vinci system works really well for keyhole procedures such as hysterectomies and complex endometriosis. Using the da Vinci Xi means our patients are able to leave hospital and recover more quickly.”

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