Cardiothoracic physiotherapy

Cardiothoracic physiotherapy is used to help patients with conditions of the heart, lungs, oesophagus, and other organs in the chest, to manage or resolve their conditions.

About our cardiothoracic physiotherapy services

Our team of cardiothoracic physiotherapists provide an outpatient service for patients suffering with a range of conditions including asthma, pneumonia and bronchiectasis. 

At our state-of-the-art facility in London, we collaborate closely with renowned cardiothoracic surgeons, ensuring comprehensive care for our patients. Whether you're seeking treatment at a specialised cardiothoracic hospital or consulting with a cardiothoracic consultant, our team is dedicated to delivering personalised rehabilitation programs tailored to your needs.

Cardiothoracic physiotherapy programmes

This programme helps you to develop skills such as knowing how to breathe properly and efficiently. Learning these skills can reduce stress levels and enhance drug therapies.

Our therapists are trained in Buteyko breathing techniques, which are now well established in the UK and are recommended in the British Thoracic Society’s British Guideline on the Management of Asthma.

The aim of this programme is to reduce your symptoms and give you the knowledge and techniques you need to manage your illness more effectively.

This programme educates you about bronchiectasis and shows you how you can better manage it on an ongoing basis.

We provide a cardiac rehabilitation programme from phase 1-3 in our therapy gym. Programmes are tailored to your own needs. We also advise you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make positive health choices.

Our physiotherapists can help you if you have difficulty clearing your sputum, if you are struggling with shortness of breath or if you need advice on how to get back into your normal routine.

This programme is designed to help you if you suffer from lung disease and need help to reduce disability, improve quality of life, manage your breathlessness, and become more independent.

Led by experienced cardiothoracic physiotherapists, in collaboration with leading cardiothoracic surgeons and consultants in London, our comprehensive approach encompasses physical training, disease education, and nutrition advice. Sessions take place in the therapy gym of our specialised cardiothoracic hospital, equipped with a wide range of facilities including a treadmill, exercise bikes, and a stepping machine. Exercises are tailored to your own ability and preferences, ensuring personalised care throughout your rehabilitation journey.

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