Private dialysis and holiday dialysis in west London

At Cromwell Hospital, we offer private dialysis sessions twice daily for inpatients and outpatients.

Located in west London, with easy access from Heathrow airport and the City, we are ideally located for holiday dialysis whether you're in London for business or leisure.

You will receive personalised dialysis treatment in a private en-suite room with disabled facilities, air-conditioning, TV and WiFi. Our specialist dialysis nurses will monitor you throughout your stay and make sure you are comfortable.

For added peace of mind, our dialysis centre is supported by a 24-hour on-call consultant, and intensive care and liver units for acute emergencies. We also have facilities for patients with hepatitis B and C.

As well as regular haeomodialysis, we also offer continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, plasma exchanges and 24-hour emergency dialysis for inpatients.

Anyone is welcome to our dialysis sessions, including self-pay patients, insured patients and overseas visitors. If you would like to book a session, please call up to four weeks in advance so we can guarantee availability.

Dialysis removes harmful waste products and excess fluid from the blood. Sessions usually last four hours and are needed several times a week.

During dialysis, your blood is transferred to the machine through a fistula. This is where an artery and a vein are fused together in your arm to create a circuit of flowing blood. 

Two thin tubes are placed in the fistula so that blood flows through the first needle and into the dialysis machine.

The blood is then filtered inside the machine and sent back into your body through the second tube.

We also offer a type of mobile dialysis called continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). The treatment is machine-free and carried out by the patient up to five times a day.

During peritoneal dialysis, the inside lining of your own stomach acts as a natural filter. Toxins are taken out using a cleansing fluid called dialysate, which the patients adds and drains from their own stomach through a tube. 

Our dialysis team provide special training on how to carry out ambulatory peritoneal dialysis at home. You must show you can perform each stage of the treatment properly before you can do this.

CAPD is not suitable for everyone. Your consultant will let you know if it’s right for you.

Holiday dialysis

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If you are an overseas patient and would like to book an appointment for holiday dialysis, please contact our International Patient Centre on +44(0)20 7460 5660.

"I would like to thank everyone at Cromwell Hospital for the fantastic way you looked after me. I could not fault anyone during the time I spent with you - from the point I arrived in reception, to the catering team and every member of staff throughout the changes of shift during my stay."

Anonymous, Cromwell Hospital patient

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