Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG)

An endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is a non-surgical weight loss procedure performed with the aid of an endoscopic suturing device, to reduce the size of the stomach and help patients lose weight.

What is an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty?

An endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) is an innovative, non-surgical weight loss procedure performed with the aid of an endoscopic suturing device, to reduce the size of the stomach and help patients lose weight.

Dr Devinder Bansi, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Cromwell Hospital, explains more about the procedure.

An endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) is an option for patients who would like to lose weight with a body mass index (BMI) of 30+. This procedure is also suitable for patients who have not been successful with other methods or are not eligible for other bariatric surgeries.

However, an ESG is not suitable for everyone who is overweight. Patients will go through a screening process, where your consultant will discuss your suitability for this procedure.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and usually takes approximately 90 minutes.

The procedure is performed using an endoscope that has a camera and an endoscopic suturing device attached. The surgeon will insert the endoscope down your throat into the stomach, the camera will enable the surgeon to see and operate without the need of making any incisions to your abdomen. The surgeon will place sutures in your stomach, changing the structure of your stomach. This results in your body reducing the number of calories it absorbs.

The length of time it takes you to recover from the operation depends on a range of factors, including your age, fitness level and the nature of the procedure.

Our dedicated recovery team of specialist nurses, dieticians, and physiotherapists will work with you closely after your operation to make sure you recover as quickly as possible.  

Your healthcare team will design a unique plan that is specific to you. This will detail all the preparation you would need prior to having the procedure.

Why choose us for endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty?

Private gastroenterologists in London

Our consultant gastroenterologists deliver endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty at our private hospital in Kensington.

Self-pay packages

If you wish to self-pay for your treatment, we offer a range of package options, including:

  • Hospital packages that group standard diagnostics and the procedure into one clear price. Consultant fees, anaesthetist fees, and any other addition to your treatment are billed separately.
  • Fixed price packages that group everything you may need for treatment into one clear price, including pre-admission tests, the procedure, professional fees, post-op outpatient care and any other consultant-recommended services.

Hospital package from £9,625 (daycase), £10,415 (1 night), and £11,570 (2 nights).

Included in the package price:

  • pre-admission outpatient tests, which includes standard pathology and diagnostic tests (ECG and chest X-ray), if required
  • recovery and accommodation
  • ward medications, dressings, and nursing consumables
  • procedure, including anaesthetic drugs and theatre consumables
  • standard post–op medication
  • inpatient physiotherapy and surgical stockings, if required
  • discharge medication (up to £50)
  • all patient meals and non-alcoholic beverages (light meals for daycases)

Excluded from the package price:

  • consultant or anaesthetist fees
  • companion beds and catering for relatives or visitors
  • diagnostics, unless stated in inclusions
  • additional procedures 
  • additional pathology and supplies
  • histology tests
  • take-out supplies
  • personal expenses, such as telephone calls, ambulances, or additional catering
  • re-admission for return to theatres

We welcome patients who wish to pay for themselves. Below is an outline of our self-pay package which includes tests, hospital stay, procedure and consultant fees.

If additional night’s stay, diagnostics or other services are requested from your consultant, you will not be charged in addition for these as they are included within the fixed price package.

When enquiring about this package, please quote code ESG.

Included in the package:

  • Consultant’s surgeon and consultant anaesthetist professional fees.
  • Pre-admission outpatient tests, which includes standard pathology and diagnostic tests (ECG & Chest X-ray), if required.
  • Recovery and accommodation, which includes up to a one-night stay in a private room.
  • Ward medications, dressings, and nursing consumables.
  • Procedures: Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and gastroscopy, if required, including anaesthetic drugs and theatre consumables.
  • Standard post–op medication issued and used during the inpatient stay.
  • Dietician services and supplements during inpatient and one dietician appointment after four weeks of discharge.
  • Inpatient physiotherapy, if required and surgical stockings.
  • Discharge medication pertaining to the condition being treated by this package (up to £50).
  • All patient meals and non-alcoholic beverages.

Excluded from the package:

  • Initial consultation.
  • Follow up consultation professional fees after the admission.
  • Procedures carried out as additional procedures.
  • Take-out supplies.
  • Companion beds and catering for relatives or visitors.
  • Personal expenses – telephone calls, additional catering, ambulances, etc.
  • Re-admission for return to theatres.

Consultants offering this procedure:

When enquiring, please quote ESG.

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