Ophthalmic plastic surgery

Surgical and non-surgical care of the eye and area around the eye, including forehead, eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids and the middle of the face.


At Cromwell Hospital, we have been offering surgery for reconstructive and cosmetic procedures since 1986. Our consultant in this area, Mr Naresh Joshi, is considered one of the best in his field.

Plastic surgery of the eye area covers a range of conditions, from burns and skin cancer to reconstructive surgery after a trauma and cosmetic surgery.

Our service is discreet and confidential, providing a fast track to the best results.

We work closely with other departments to ensure that you have the right support and counselling, if necessary.

Complex cases such as skin cancer are treated by multidisciplinary teams who manage all aspects of your condition – from our onsite lab for biopsy results to treatment and surgery to remove a tumour.

Related conditions

Conditions we treat include:

  • burns
  • cancers
  • cosmetic surgery such as brow lifts, upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty and mid-face lifts
  • trauma of the orbit, eyelids and facial region
  • watery eyes arising from tear duct blockage

Why choose us?

At Cromwell Hospital, you can expect:

  • leading consultant care – ophthalmologists with specialised experience in all aspects of eye conditions.
  • state-of-the-art diagnostic tests – the very latest in technology for accurate results.
  • surgeons who specialise in cosmetic surgery.

Our specialist consultants

"I would like to thank everyone at Cromwell Hospital for the fantastic way you looked after me. I could not fault anyone during the time I spent with you - from the point I arrived in reception, to the catering team and every member of staff throughout the changes of shift during my stay."

Anonymous, Cromwell Hospital patient

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