Orbera Balloon

The Orbera gastric balloon is one of the most widely used non-surgical weight loss approaches for helping people to lose weight.

What is the Orbera Balloon?

The Orbera gastric balloon is passed through your throat and placed in your stomach during a quick, non-surgical weight loss procedure – meaning no incisions, stitches, or scars.

The balloon is then inflated with sterile water, partially filling your stomach. This makes you feel less hungry. When you do eat, you feel fuller quicker and for longer, helping you to reduce your food intake and lose weight.

The Orbera gastric balloon procedure is suitable for anyone over the age of 18, with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27 or above, who wishes to lose a moderate amount of weight and change their lifestyle.

It is especially suitable if you do not want or are not suitable for surgery.

It is a simple procedure which usually takes about 30 minutes.

The Orbera gastric balloon is passed down your oesophagus into your stomach. The balloon is then inflated with sterile water, partially filling your stomach. You will be mildly sedated during the procedure.

When the balloon is filled with water, it takes up space in your stomach. This makes you feel less hungry and helps you to reduce your food intake and to focus on healthy eating and lifestyle.

At Cromwell Hospital, we support you in your weight loss journey. You will receive personalised diet and lifestyle advice from one of our specialist dieticians before the procedure and across a series of follow-up sessions. This will help you maintain a healthy diet and achieve your long-term weight loss goals.

The Orbera gastric balloon will be removed after six or 12 months. Your consultant will discuss this with you.

You should be able to go home a few hours after the procedure.

In the days after, you may experience some nausea. If this is the case, your consultant will be able to prescribe medication that will manage these symptoms and help you adjust to the gastric balloon.

You will see your specialist dietitian before the procedure to develop your diet and lifestyle plan.

Why choose us for Orbera Balloon?

Paying for your treatment

As well as accepting private health insurance from most major insurers, we also welcome patients who wish to pay for themselves.

We offer a range of self-pay package options, including:

  • Fixed price packages that group everything you may need for treatment into one clear price, including pre-admission tests, the procedure, professional fees, post-op outpatient care and any other consultant-recommended services.

Included in the package price:

  • consultant surgeon and consultant anaesthetist procedure fees
  • one pre-op consultation with a specialist dietitian
  • any required medications and/or consumables as part of procedure
  • procedure, including anaesthetic drugs
  • discharge medication pertaining to the package
  • three follow-up consultations with a specialist dietitian across six months, or five follow-up consultations with a specialist dietitian across 12 months

Excluded from the package price:

  • initial consultation with consultant surgeon
  • take-out supplies
  • companion beds and catering for relatives or visitors
  • personal expenses – telephone calls, additional catering, ambulances, etc.

If additional night’s stay, diagnostics, or other services are requested from your consultant, you will not be charged in addition for these as these are included within the fixed price package.

Consultants offering this package:

When enquiring about this package, please quote G4442B (6 months) or G44420 (12 months).

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