Quincy williams

Tell us a little about yourself?

Nursing is a profession I remain passionate about and believe it is challenging yet rewarding. After qualifying in 2004, the experiences I have had are invaluable. My oncology nursing specialty training was completed in Indiana, USA in 2013 and that was the genesis of great opportunities. Moving to the UK five years on to work in Oncology was one of those that helped improve my resilience, connect with nurses and allied health of different cultures and most importantly, build an amazing professional relationship with the Cromwell Hospital family.  

Why did you choose to be a nurse?

I decided to be a nurse because I always wanted to work within the medical profession growing up. My mother’s friend was a nurse and she also helped in guiding me to prepare for the requirements needed to study nursing as well. 

What is your most memorable moment/story working as a nurse? 

My most memorable moment working as a nurse was when I assisted in the delivery of a baby while being a student, then meeting the child at the age of five. He was named after me. I later took care of the child’s mum while working in a surgical unit years later and she was extremely thankful for the care. 

What are some of the challenges you face as a nurse? 

As a nurse, the list of challenges is never short. Some of them include having difficult conversations with staff and patients, managing non-compliance, caring for patients that are terminal within my age group and learning the corporate aspect of nursing. 

What has your job taught you? 

Nursing has taught me to never underestimate how stable a patient may look, always risk assess because anything can happen at any given moment. 

Any last comments you want to add?

Thank you for this fantastic opportunity to lead the oncology team as the next Modern Matron. I will continue to aspire and embody the values of Cromwell Hospital providing compassionate and inclusive leadership, promote high standards of clinical care, patient safety and experience and facilitate growth within the team through relevant education and training. I look forward to being a part of the hospital’s leadership projects to ensure Cromwell Hospital is the best it can possibly be.