Mr Inderpaul Birdi - Cardiac Surgeon

Mr Inderpaul Birdi is a consultant cardiac surgeon and a member of the Heart Partners specialist cardiac group at Cromwell Hospital. In this article, Mr Birdi tells us more about what his role as a heart surgeon entails.

What does your role as a consultant cardiac surgeon involve?

Surgery is a significant part of my role. Whether performing complex procedures or pioneering minimally invasive techniques, I strive to provide optimal care and outcomes for my patients.

I oversee the evaluation and diagnosis of complex cardiac conditions, collaborating closely with a multidisciplinary team to craft tailored treatment plans for patients and ensuring each approach aligns with their unique needs. Online patient education and post-operative care are also vital components, and I always strive to offer individualised support to patients throughout their journey to recovery.

I often engage in teaching and research, sharing knowledge with other aspiring surgeons wishing to learn about keyhole heart surgery, and contributing to advancements in cardiac surgery through ongoing studies and innovation.

What attracted you to specialising in cardiac surgery?

The allure of cardiac surgery lies in its ability to make an immediate and profound impact on someone's life. The heart is the engine of the body, and being able to intervene and restore its function is incredibly rewarding. The complexity of the procedures, the precision required, and the opportunity to innovate and improve techniques all drew me in.

Moreover, the profound gratitude from patients and their families, seeing them regain health and vitality after surgery, is unparalleled. It's a field where every day brings new challenges and opportunities to make a tangible difference in people's lives, and that's what continues to captivate and inspire me.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

My days tend to be quite dynamic and diverse. Mornings often begin early, when I have a quiet moment to review new medical developments to understand and communicate their meaning to my patients.

I often lead rounds with the medical team, discussing cases and adjusting treatment plans as needed. Collaboration with colleagues, attending meetings, and engaging in research or teaching activities also fill my schedule.

Surgical days are meticulously structured, starting in the operating room, where I perform intricate procedures, sometimes for several hours. Precision and focus are paramount during these times.

Between surgeries or non-surgical days, I dedicate time to meeting patients from all over the world, either in outpatient clinics or online, discussing their conditions, explaining procedures, and offering guidance.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The most fulfilling aspect of my job is witnessing the transformation in my patients' lives. Being part of their journey towards better health and witnessing their gratitude and relief after successful surgeries or treatments is incredibly rewarding. There is nothing quite like seeing someone regain their vitality and quality of life.

Additionally, I thrive on the constant learning and innovation in the field of cardiac surgery. The opportunity to push boundaries, refine techniques, and contribute to advancements keeps me motivated and engaged. Finally, the collaborative nature of my work, the camaraderie with my team, and the shared goal of improving patients' lives create a fulfilling and enriching environment every day.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Music has always been a significant part of my life—I'm a tenor (certainly not one worth hearing though) and revel in the artistry of those who have mastered the craft. I occasionally perform as a soloist and in a choir to unwind and express myself differently from being a heart surgeon.

Engaging with the vastness of space and the intricacies of the cosmos has always been fascinating to me, and I continue to immerse myself in this captivating field whenever I can. Additionally, my fascination with the cosmos and the vastness of space is a constant source of wonder. My second career choice, had I not ventured into heart surgery, would have likely been astrophysics.

Maintaining a balance between work and personal life is crucial, so I make it a point to carve out moments for relaxation, exercise, and spending time with family and friends. Each day is a blend of challenges, patient care, continuous learning, and personal fulfilment.

Why do you love working at Cromwell Hospital?

Working at Cromwell Hospital is an absolute pleasure. The location itself is delightful, providing a serene and conducive environment for delivering exceptional care. The infrastructure is well-designed, fostering an atmosphere that enables our team to operate at the highest standards.

What truly sets Cromwell Hospital apart is not just its impressive facilities but also its outstanding management team. Their leadership ensures seamless operations and a supportive environment for all clinical and allied professionals, empowering us to provide world-class care for our patients.

The dedication and expertise of the team of professionals are truly commendable. Their commitment to delivering unparalleled care ensures that our patients receive nothing short of the best. It's a privilege to be part of such a remarkable institution where excellence is not just a goal but a daily practice.

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