Patient testimonial: Minimally invasive mitral valve repair

A patient at Cromwell Hospital talks about their experience undergoing minimally invasive mitral valve repair.

Patient with cardiac surgeons, Mr Inderpaul Birdi and Mr Roberto Casula

Last year, Cromwell Hospital carried out their first minimally invasive mitral valve repair. The operation was carried out by Mr Inderpaul Birdi, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, and Mr Roberto Casula, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon.

Here, the patient explains their diagnosis and experience at Cromwell Hospital:

“My diagnosis was discovered 15 years ago, by a very good doctor. You could just hear a murmur. Around four or five years ago it was checked once a year by ultrasound. About eighteen months ago it got worse, and my blood pressure went up.

I had some tests, and it was discovered I needed a valve replacement, because there’s two flaps going independently opposite each other. They told me about my options, which included open heart surgery.

I immediately wanted to have a minimally invasive repair, as that has the faster recovery time, and I’m really active.

I started to look for surgeons – you want to someone who does this regularly, who is an expert. I learnt about Mr Birdi, and knew he was an expert.

Mr Birdi and Mr Casula operated on me, they’re the best in the world. It was the first minimally invasive mitral valve repair that took place at the hospital and everything was perfect. I didn’t have any pain or discomfort.

Everyone was first class, including the anaesthetist and ICU staff. They’re just a team that flows together. The food was also excellent. I really couldn’t be more happy.

After my operation, I was shown my heart on a scanner, and you could see there was no regurgitation, no minor leak, nothing. I’ve got a heart that I've always had, that's working as perfectly as it was when I was a teenager. Thank you from me, thank you so much.”

After the operation, the patient was able to return home seven days after surgery. His recovery has gone well, and he has been able to return to the activities he enjoys.

“Minimally invasive cardiac operations have been shown through studies to provide a quicker recovery time with less discomfort for the patient. Although it is not suitable for every patient, being able to offer minimally invasive cardiac operations at Cromwell Hospital allows patients more options and a better experience. Supporting our first patient to retain his independence with a minimally invasive repair was important, and his recovery has gone well,” said Mr Birdi, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon.

“Supporting Mr Birdi and Mr Casula on the first minimally invasive mitral valve repair at Cromwell Hospital was a privilege. I’ve learnt a lot under their expertise, and I’m excited to support more patients access minimally invasive cardiac care,” said Georgia Henson, Cardiac and Respiratory Clinical Nurse Specialist.

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