Digestive Surgery

The Digestive Surgery group at Cromwell Hospital is comprised of a group of world leading hepato-pancreato-biliary and colorectal surgeons, and a clinical oncologist. The group bring to Cromwell Hospital a combined expertise in robotics, open and minimally invasive surgery. 

The group have worked together for over 20 years, resulting in nationally leading clinical outcomes and a seamless patient experience.

Based exclusively at Cromwell Hospital, patients benefit not only from the clinical expertise of the surgeons, but also from leading edge technology - including the da Vinci X - and premium hospital surroundings in West Kensington.

Conditions and treatments offered

The group treat a range of conditions including:

  • Bowel (colon) cancer – early, advanced and recurrent 
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Hernias (abdomen and groin)
  • Inflammatory bowel disorders including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
  • Abdominal pain
  • Rectal/PR bleeding
  • Pelvic floor disorders
  • Bowel habit change

Patients are able to access leading treatments and diagnostics including: 

  • Endoscopy, colonoscopy, MRI, CT, PET
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Da Vinci X surgical robot/robotic surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery incl. keyhole surgery or minimally invasive surgery

Why choose Digestive Surgery?

A multidisciplinary approach to patient care

The group hold regular multidisciplinary (MDT) team meetings with other consultant specialists and health professionals to review patient cases and design the most effective treatment plan for each individual patient. This means patients have a completely personalised treatment plan, improved health outcomes, and enhanced satisfaction with their care.

Leading outcomes for patients

The expertise and commitment of the group allow them to deliver some of the best outcomes for patients in the country.

Leading edge radiotherapy

Digestive Surgery patients can benefit from accessing the latest and most advanced surgical and radiotherapy technologies and techniques. This includes being able to receive radiotherapy for cancer at the GenesisCare Centre for Radiotherapy, located within the hospital. The centre is one of the most advanced radiotherapy centres in Europe and specialises in complex and difficult-to-treat tumours.

Robotic surgery

The team offer robotic surgery using the da Vinci X robot, a technology which provides surgeons with enhanced vision, greater precision and control.

The benefits of robotic-assisted surgery include faster recovery time, less chance of scarring and tissue loss, and less blood loss. 

Meet the consultants

Referring patients to the Digestive Surgery group

A dedicated referral line is available to ensure patients are seen quickly and efficiently. For any patient referrals, please contact the group on: