Enlarged prostate: Diagnostics and treatment options

Around one in three men aged over 50 will experience urinary symptoms – and most of these will be caused by an enlarged prostate. We spoke to Mr Neil Barber, Consultant Urological Surgeon, to find out more about this condition and its treatment options. Previous Next What is an enlarged prostate? Enlarged prostate is a […]

Blood in the urine: Symptoms and causes

For many people, blood in the urine is a worrying symptom which can be indicative of a wide variety of conditions. In rare cases, it may be a sign of a serious medical condition – but for most, it is a temporary issue that can be resolved relatively easily. We spoke to Professor Rakesh Heer, […]

Erectile dysfunction in prostate cancer patients

Mr Jas Kalsi, Consultant Urologist and Male Fertility Expert, discusses erectile dysfunction (ED) in prostate cancer patients and the treatments available at Cromwell Hospital. Previous Next What is prostate cancer? Each year about 1.3 million men are diagnosed with prostate cancer worldwide, which represents about 13% of all cancers diagnosed in men. In the UK, […]

Learn more about our prostate pathway

Carmen Burgheaua, Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist at Cromwell Hospital, explains our prostate pathway and how it helps support patients get rapid access to the diagnostics and treatment they need without delay. What is the prostate pathway at Cromwell hospital? The prostate pathway provides a quick access to care for patients receiving a cancer diagnosis, which […]

Interview with Carmen Burgheaua, Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a urology clinical nurse specialist?    Here Carmen Burgheaua, who has been at the hospital for three years, discusses her experiences as a nurse and how her work supports the urology service.   What made you decide to become a nurse? I have been lucky enough […]