Impact of bariatric surgery on Type 2 Diabetes

Mr Ahmed Ahmed, Consultant GI and Bariatric Surgeon at Cromwell Hospital, explains the impact of bariatric surgery on the improvement or resolution of Type 2 Diabetes (T2D).  Obesity and T2D are closely related and represent significant public health issues worldwide, thus the term “diabesity” was created to emphasize the close association between the above problems. […]

Erectile dysfunction in prostate cancer patients

Mr Jas Kalsi, Consultant Urologist and Male Fertility Expert at Cromwell Hospital discusses erectile dysfunction (ED) in prostate cancer patients and the treatments available at Cromwell Hospital. Each year about 1.3 million men are diagnosed with prostate cancer worldwide, which represents about 13% of all cancers diagnosed in men. In the UK, prostate cancer is […]

Jordan Roy shares his view on Black History Month

Jordan Roy, Clinical Site Manager at Cromwell Hospital, shares his view about Black History Month. Kofoworola Abeni Pratt was an outstanding nursing leader, and if you don’t know her name, I highly recommend looking her up. I’m sure you’ll quickly agree that her story of determination, resilience and struggle to break through barriers in healthcare […]

Learn more about our Prostate Pathway

Carmen Burgheaua, Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist at Cromwell Hospital, explains our prostate pathway and how it helps support patients get rapid access to the diagnostics and treatment they need without delay. What is the prostate pathway at Cromwell hospital? The prostate pathway provides a quick access to care for patients receiving a cancer diagnosis, which […]

Interview with Carmen Burgheaua, Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a urology clinical nurse specialist?    Here Carmen Burgheaua, who has been at the hospital for three years, discusses her experiences as a nurse and how her work supports the urology service.     What made you decide to become a nurse? I have been lucky […]

Taking care of your back when working from home  

Patient suffering from back pain

Mr Fady Sedra, Consultant Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon at Cromwell Hospital, shares tips to avoid backache when working from home.   With the pandemic spreading fast, most businesses called for hybrid working. Naturally very few employees had a healthy setup at home and the overwhelming majority took their laptop home and retired to their couches. […]

The benefits of a gastric balloon

What is a gastric balloon and how does it work? A gastric balloon is an innovative, short-term non-surgical weight loss tool. It is a soft silicon balloon that is temporarily inserted into your stomach, to partially fill it and speed up the process of making you feel full quicker after consuming smaller amounts of food. […]


What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a specific type of blood fat that is made by the liver. Some of it also comes from the food we eat. All our bodies must have cholesterol in to operate as it is crucial for the body to function and is especially necessary for the brain, nerves, and skin.  […]

Blood pressure

What is blood pressure? To carry nutrition and oxygen to the organs the heart pumps blood throughout the body. Blood pressure is the amount of force that the heart uses to pump blood through the arteries. Therefore, blood pressure is important to keep the blood moving around the body, and the pressure is likely to […]

Career advice from an experienced nurse

Sana Chaudhry, Breast Clinical Nurse Specialist at Cromwell Hospital, shares career advice to become a successful nurse. Every qualified nurse who starts off in the nursing career needs to gain real ‘hands on’ experience. I took a deep dive during the first year after qualifying as a nurse, going straight into Emergency Care Nursing on […]