While living in the States I was diagnosed with endometriosis which is a chronic condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to develop in other places such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bowel etc. After a consultation with one doctor, I was offered the option to have laser surgery treatment which I felt wasn’t the right option for me.

After some research, I came across Mr Amer Raza and arranged a consultation where we spoke through the option of laparoscopy surgery. This procedure had a minimal downtime which really appealed to me and having read the positive feedback from previous patients, I felt confident that this was the better option for me.

My experience with Mr Raza was nothing but positive. Being originally from the states meant that my family and friends weren’t close by during my surgery procedure however Mr Raza was very welcoming and always a phone call away. He was very professional and warm-hearted when addressing any issues I faced, which made a world of difference to my surgery experience.

I would strongly recommend Cromwell Hospital. I had a great experience, and the staff were very professional. The hospital is in a beautiful area and the hospital food was also really good.

The care I received was at a high standard and all the staff from Dr Raza to the anaesthesiologist and nurses were all very supportive and friendly. They took the time to explain each step and keep things light-hearted. I felt seen and cared for which is sometimes lost in the medical field.

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