There’s nothing more reassuring for new parents than hearing their baby’s first cry and that the initial new-born checks show a healthy baby.

We understand that your baby’s health and wellbeing is of the upmost importance to you. That's why we've created a new Baby Orthopaedic Check to give you greater peace of mind. 

What is a Baby Orthopaedic Check?

Our Baby Orthopaedic Check is a comprehensive examination designed to identify any developmental or structural problems in your baby’s bones or joints, and highlight any underlying issues which may lead to problems in the future. 

Why do we recommend this check? 

The initial checks at birth will identify any obvious concerns with your baby’s health.

However, the Baby Orthopaedic Check at Cromwell Hospital provides a more detailed examination of your baby’s bones and joints. Mr Khaled Sarraf, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons specialising in paediatrics, will conduct the tests and can identify any underlying conditions which may otherwise not present until later in childhood, when they can become more difficult to treat. 

What does a Baby Orthopaedic Check involve? 

Your baby will be assessed from head to toe to check for any: 

  • head deformities 
  • neck muscular imbalance 
  • spinal problems, such as congenital scoliosis 
  • limb length discrepancies 
  • hip dysplasia 
  • foot abnormalities
  • finger and toe deformities

Your baby will also have an ultrasound scan of their hips, which we recommend is undertaken within their first six weeks. At the follow-up consultation, the specialist will explain the results from the assessment and ultrasound scan. 

What happens next?

If a problem is identified, an effective treatment plan will be created and there is less likelihood of surgery being required as they grow. For example, if discovered early, babies with hip dysplasia can often be treated without surgery using a simple harness. Other conditions, such as finger and toe deformities, can be treated with physiotherapy

Who is the check suitable for?

The Baby Orthopaedic Check is designed for all babies. We advise it is carried out within the first six weeks and preferably no later than three months.

Some babies are more at risk of having orthopaedic problems, including those born in the breach position, where there are multiple births, where there is a family history of bone and joint conditions, and if there have been any problems during the pregnancy. 

Whilst there is no expectation that your baby will have any problems, this check is designed to give you reassurance and peace of mind. 

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