Diabetes services

Our experienced team of diabetes specialists provide world class care and personalised treatment.

About diabetes

At Cromwell Hospital, we understand that it can be concerning when you are experiencing diabetes mellitus (diabetes) symptoms.

Our expert team of diabetes specialists are on hand to provide you with a rapid assessment, diagnosis, and treatment options that are best suited to you.

Our endocrine unit is well-established and has been treating patients for over 20 years.

Dietetic service

Dietitians are qualified and regulated health professionals that assess, diagnose, and treat dietary and nutritional problems to meet your individual needs. 

Our dietitians will work with you to create personalised treatment plans for your diabetes and personal circumstances.  

Learn more about our comprehensive nutrition and dietetic service >

Weight Management Programme

Our specialist dietitians are here to support you in addressing and overcoming the barriers to achieving your target weight, enabling you to take control of your diet and lifestyle through our evidence-based Weight Management Programme. 

Our Weight Management Programme offers a bespoke 12-month plan, supporting patients to lose weight in a safe, sustainable way.

Bariatric service

We know that following a diet or exercise regime isn’t always an effective or long-term method for losing weight and keeping it off.    

We offer a range of different expert-led bariatric options to support patients to lose weight safely and improve your quality of life.   

Our team of specialists provide multidisciplinary support, including lifestyle, pharmaceutical, endoscopic, and surgical options for weight loss.   

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Why choose us?

At Cromwell Hospital, we understand the needs of our patients and offer:

  • Multidisciplinary care – consultants and experts from different specialties meet regularly to review complex cases to ensure the best possible care 
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and screening
  • Diabetes support – a complete range of services for people with diabetes including additional support from a diabetes clinical nurse specialist and specialist diabetes dietitian
  • Self-pay and flexible payment options.

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