Mr Giles Davies, Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, recently spoke to healthcare magazine Healthcare in London about Cromwell Hospital’s breast care services.

Mr Davies has a wealth of experience in delivering breast cancer surgery and reconstruction. He is also Director of Breast Surgery at Cromwell Hospital, where he sits on the medical advisory board and oversees the breast surgery unit.

Innovative technology and treatments

Cromwell Hospital provides some of the most comprehensive, private breast cancer services in the UK, including advanced radiotherapy. It is also home to one of the private sector’s biggest cancer multidisciplinary teams, which encompasses cancer consultants, clinical nurse specialists, palliative care nurses, holistic practitioners, cancer counsellors, and many more.

As a leader in delivering the latest healthcare innovations, Cromwell Hospital is currently piloting a new symptom-tracking app for patients with breast cancer. This app allows consultants to have remote oversight of patient symptoms during and after treatment.

Mr Davies said of the app: “If there are any changes [to patient symptoms] then I am alerted by the app, which is very comforting for patients to know during their recovery and boosts their confidence.”

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Remote care for breast cancer patients

Cromwell Hospital has expanded its ability to provide breast care services via the telemedicine suite, which was developed out of the need for remote consultations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The telemedicine suite has proven particularly beneficial for Cromwell Hospital’s international patients, as it allows Mr Davies to assess patients remotely. Where possible, initial tests can also be sourced and arranged locally to the patient before they travel to London for treatment.

Mr Davies recently treated a breast cancer patient from India and said of her case: “We sourced specialised chemotherapy for her in Karachi, which wasn’t routinely available. Subsequently, she visited us for surgery and further radiotherapy before returning home, and we followed up her aftercare in Karachi remotely from Cromwell.”

He added: “I think this [telemedicine] model is going to only continue, with collaborative networking for professionals and remote care for patients before and after they come to Cromwell, allowing us to share our expertise and enhance the overall quality of care.”

World-class care, all under one roof

Mr Davies also praised the seamlessly integrated breast care services provided by Cromwell Hospital. 

“We are very fortunate at the Cromwell in that we have all our services on one site,” he said. “Many other hospitals have fragmented services... We offer everything under one roof and are able to provide continuity of care from our multidisciplinary team.” 

Mr Davies also stressed that patients do not need to be at the start of their breast cancer journey to access services at Cromwell Hospital: “We welcome those who may be seeking a second opinion, right through to people who are literally finishing their treatment elsewhere and requiring aftercare.” 

Patients can benefit from a wide variety of rehabilitative services delivered at the hospital, including physiotherapy, counselling, and a Pilates-based clinical exercise programme.  

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Why choose us for breast cancer care?

At Cromwell Hospital, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional breast cancer services that combine leading-edge technology with bespoke care tailored to your needs.

Our team of experts, led by renowned breast surgeon Mr Giles Davies, utilise the latest innovations in diagnostics and treatment to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

We understand that every patient's journey is unique, which is why we tailor our approach to meet your individual needs and preferences. With state-of-the-art facilities and a commitment to compassionate care, we strive to make your experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.