Cromwell Hospital has launched a new adolescent endometriosis service, in recognition of the difficultly in diagnosis and management of endometriosis in adolescent women.

Endometriosis is a debilitating disease having a serious impact on one’s life with severe pelvic pains and painful periods. The incidence of endometriosis is 10% among adult women but found to be even more common (39%) in young adolescent girls (13-18). This leads to severe implication on quality of life in the early years from missing school, sports activity, and social activities with their friends. A long-term impact has been noted in this group if not managed actively.

The International Centre for Endometriosis at Cromwell Hospital is a leading institute providing high quality multidisciplinary care for these patients and is proud to extend its services to young adolescent patients suffering with this problem.

Mr Amer Raza, lead consultant for endometriosis, has established a pioneering multidisciplinary team including gynaecologist Miss Maya Al-Memar, colorectal surgeon Mr Valerio Celentano, and consultant gastroenterologist Dr Assad Butt alongside a nutritionist, psychotherapist, and physiotherapist team.

All adolescents will be seen by Miss Maya Al-Memar, Consultant Gynaecologist, in Skyline, our children and young people’s paediatric department. The complex cases will be further discussed in multidisciplinary setting of experts in robotic excisional surgery, colorectal and urology.

Patients will be fully assessed and all diagnostic tests such as pelvic ultrasound scan and pelvic MRI will be carried out. For patients with suspected severe endometriosis, Miss Al-Memar works collaboratively with Mr Amer Raza, lead of the International Centre for Endometriosis at Cromwell Hospital.

Patients will also benefit from the endometriosis multidisciplinary team meetings, where patients with complex or severe endometriosis are reviewed by an expert team of multidisciplinary clinicians.

“The service will be a pioneering step to provide the best efficient care to young adolescent patients. The patients will be seen and managed by a multidisciplinary team to provide the full range of medical and holistic care. My aim is to ensure all patients can flourish and thrive, regardless of their period problems.” Mr Raza, lead consultant for endometriosis.

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